Gallery: Humane Society Dog Ball 2015

is definitely one of the more unique and innovative ball throwers on the market. This app-enabled smart ball launcher dispenses treats while also engaging your dog in a game of fetch and mind stimulation.

"GoDogGo is a relief to my arm after suffering an injury from other ball throwing devices."

125 lb Rottweiler....this is HIS ball. He plays with it on HIS trampoline. It's so fun to watch- he really loves this ball. If he's inside I will grab the ball and shake it...somehow he can hear it and he comes running. (yet, he can't hear me when I call him) We had to put it outside because he and our other dog would fight over it. Maybe we should have gotten 2 of them. :)

Petco Bouncing Spiny Ball Dog Toy

Here are some of the other dog ball launchers we looked at and reviewed for your consideration. “What do these dogs have in common?” Madalena Spinazzola, a spokeswoman for the pet food company that’s organizing the event, asked . “In addition to a history of abandonment and looking for adopters, they love to run after balls.”

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If it’s like last year, the pooches at the Brazil Open in Sao Paulo will wear sweatbands on their wrists — ankles? — and scarves around their necks. They’ll be specially trained for the job, though one imagines that dogs need little prep for ball-retrieving. Giving up the balls? That’s another matter, as a video from last year’s tournament shows.

Leaps & Bounds Latex Emoticon Ball Dog Toy

"You couldn't have delivered more on your promise. We have a 100 lb, 1-year-old German Shepherd who absolutely destroyed any and every toy you can give him; we saw some dogs on YouTube playing with the Varsity Ball and we couldn't have been more pleased!"
And with one giant kick the ball went flying…and the best part is you didn’t break your foot and the dog can’t deflate this ball. Shazam! Made from a super pliable material, even if your dog gets a hole in it ,it will still keep its shape. Great for any backyard or lake adventure.Hello to the biggest, baddest dog ball out there. This is one of the best, most indestructible dog balls around. Bam! errrr…bark! These balls will stand up to the toughest dogs. Not only do they roll and float on water, but your dog will play so hard he’ll fall over from exhaustion."Just wanted to tell you what a great product you are making. I as a veterinary technician at the Midwest's largest no-kill dog sanctuary. We are always looking for enrichment for the dogs here, and someone donated a varsity ball. I was so impressed with the durability."
"The varsity ball is really something special. For the service dogs here, it's totally amazing. Actually had to contact the original trainer (Slovakia/Florida) for some new training a new command in Slovak to get the normally serene and perfect service dog to freeze (when necessary) while with the ball."
"OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We got our ball today! BEST ball on the market! Hands down, thumbs Up! And we've tried a lot of balls. Can't wait to share this with my doggie friends. WELL worth the money! Thank you, Varsity Pets!!!"