Barking is OK until the dog is told to “Stop Barking.”

It could be due to sheer excitement, happy, sad, anxiety or danger. Therefore, the aim is not to stop the dog from barking completely, but controlling excessive barking.

Safely stop dog barking with our most powerful ultrasonic bark control device to date

Even though it may stop dog barking in the short-term, the problem may reoccur once our dog gets habituated to the spray or electric shock. It also increases the dog’s stress level, and lowers his quality of life.

Train your dog to stop barking!

The Perfect Combination to Stop Your Dog's Barking and Other Problem Behaviors Therefore, when using a citronella spray collar, it is advisable that the owner be present so that as soon as the dog stops barking, the owner can direct the dog into an enjoyable pastime (e.g., play, tummy rub, favorite treat) as long as the dog remains quiet. In this way, the quiet behavior is reinforced, and any anxiety about the stimulus (people coming to the door, people coming to the yard, other dogs) can be gradually reduced. In fact, in time some dogs may begin to associate the arrival of new people or other dogs with something positive (counter-conditioning).

Humanely Stop Your Dog or the Neighbor's Dog Barking

Never reward your dog for barking at you when you come home. Do not pet him or even make contact until your dog stops barking and sits quietly. Then acknowledge him and praise him.

Humanely Stop Your Dog or the Neighbor's Dog Barking

The Anti Barking Dog CD stops barking dogs quickly, easily, and humanely. Our detailed studies show that the Anti Barking Dog CD represents the most effective anti barking device available. Also available as a download for instant use.The Anti Barking Dog CD emits it’s ultrasonic blast through your speakers so you can direct them in the direction of the offending dog. The sound is emitted only when the dog barks and only for only a few seconds. After the barking stops, just turn it off.You could call the police and complain, but the results may not be as good as you would like. Some of the times the police will talk to the neighbor and try to get them to stop the barking dog. Much of the time the police are of little help, because this problem is pretty low on their priority list. They really do have bigger problems to deal with.If possible, find various situations that cause the dog to bark. Sometimes do not give the command to be quiet; instead let the dog bark. In other words, don't correct every time the dog barks, but at this stage of training, always correct if you have given the command to be quiet. If, by the end of your second training session, you find that the dog doesn't stop barking when you press the button, set the intensity to the next higher level. Repeat the procedure. After a week of this training, don't press the button after the first time you give the command to stop barking. Instead, wait to see if the dog stops barking when he hears your command. Now, if he continues to bark after one such warning, repeat the command, and press the stimulation button.