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This pet barrier will safely keep your pet in the cargo area of the vehicle away from the driver and passenger. It is made of durable heavy gauge tubing that adjusts to 45 inches in height and 65 inches in width making it perfect for most vehicles to installs in minutes without any drilling. Order it and you will realize how perfect it is in keeping your dog away from the front of your vehicle.

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If you have multiple cars in your home, a good choice may be an adjustable dog barrier that can be sized as needed to fit into both cars. This way, you won't have to buy a separate barrier for each car. Many models come with extendable sidebars and telescoping rods, allowing them to fit a variety of car sizes and styles.

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What are the Best Dog Seat Belts, Restraint Devices & Pet Barriers for Cars, Trucks & SUVs? If you are transporting your four-legged pet in the vehicle, make sure that he/she is safe and comfortable during the trip, otherwise, it may result in serious consequences both for you and for your dog. Taking a doggie traveling in your car can be a real nightmare. For example, small dogs can jump between the front and rear seats, distracting the driver. Unfortunately, this often leads to road accidents. You should also take into account that even the calmest and the most disciplined dogs (who are used to sitting on the rear seats) may get hurt during sudden braking. This is where pet car protectors and barriers come in handy! They are inexpensive and very useful systems that will definitely prevent your furry friend from licking your neck while you are driving, confining your dog to the place he/she is supposed to be. And it is definitely not the gear box, console or your lap.

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When selecting a dog barrier for your car, always be sure to measure the area in which you are going to place the barrier, to ensure proper installation. Explore the various car dog barrier options before you buy, so that you can select the right style for your pet.

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