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Why settle for portable dog crates or travel kennels and pet cages that are made of wire and plastic? Our strong large dog barriers are made from 1 inch welded steel that provides the utmost in safety for you and your dog while traveling. Our patented spring loaded animal restraint system installs in your vehicle in minutes with no tools required. Made from heavy 14 gauge steel square or round tubing and is custom built to fit any car, SUV, truck, minivan, or cross over. These Back Seat Steel Pet Barriers keep pets from inviting themselves into the front seat area by blocking the space between the rear of the automobile and the front seat. This Universal Pet Barrier gently keeps your pet in the cargo area of your car, minivan or SUV. Made with heavy-gauge tubing. Better than carry on dog crates or portable kennels for cars, ours is the strongest pet barrier on the market. With its pressure mounted installation you will be able to have this barrier installed in seconds.

Heavy Duty Dog Barriers For Travel SUVs, Cars, Cross Overs, Minivans, & Vans

If you are wondering what is the best way to travel with dogs or how to bring pets on vacation trips with a pet barrier for SUVs? Our 14 gauge steel portable kennels are custom made to fit cars, trucks, cross-overs, minivans and SUVs. If you are going to be traveling with dogs or are planning road trips with pets. We offer custom built Heavy Duty dog barriers made of 1 inch steel bars that are guaranteed to keep you in the front seat and even big, agressive dogs in the rear. Our steel bars are far better than flimsy wire mesh style vehicle pet barriers. Our Vehicle Pet Barriers with exclusive spring loaded ends protects the interior of your car, SUV, van or other vehicle and minimizes distractions for you by confining your pet to the rear. Our Large Dog Travel Barriers can be custom made to fit most SUV's, minivans, is easy to install and optimizes cargo space. Dogs can move around freely in cars without being a safety hazard to themselves, the driver, and the passengers.

Adjustable Vehicle Barrier for Dogs

Guardian Gear Pet Safety Vehicle Barrier, Dog Barrier for Suvs, Minivans and Sta Using it as a pet barrier for SUV or as a Minivan dog barrier is also a smart choice for dog owners who want to keep their furry friend safe and protect the interior of their vehicle. Your backseat will never be full of dog hair again after you use this barrier to keep Fido in the cargo area.

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Pet barriers have different designs that should be selected according to the size of a dog and the type of your car. If you are a lucky owner of a big pet or your doggie is used to transportation in a trunk, you should choose adjustable barriers, made especially for cargo areas. Such protectors may be extended in height/width and can be easily installed in large cars like SUVs, minivans or station wagons. A sturdy construction will help limit the space in the car cargo area as it is the safest place for animals in the vehicle. Moreover, some customers even use "trunk" barriers to separate large boxes, suitcases, and some other stuff inside a car. But if you have a small or mid-sized car and a large dog, we propose you to consider hammock seat covers. They will not only prevent your small devil from climbing up front but also keep the rear seats clean and neat. Additionally, such seat covers will not let dirt, hair, and moisture. They also protect the seat from scratches and cuts. Still, the main aim of hammocks is to restrict pet movements, enhancing the driving safety. And don't worry about pet's convenience as he/she will be provided with plenty of space to take a nap. For obedient dogs who are already used to riding in the back seat, you can set up a mesh barrier. The protective mesh does not allow dogs to get on the front seats and distract a driver. We would like to stress that a mesh barrier is extremely useful for short trips. It can be installed literally in any type of car but it is especially great for sedans and hatchbacks.

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