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We love our dogs, but they can get messy. Dirty paws, shedding fur, and more: it has to go somewhere, and that place is probably right onto your dog's bed. But you don't want to have to wash the entire bed, just to get off the surface dirt! A dog bed washable cover, like the ones we offer here at Molly Mutt, is the key to keeping your pup's sleeping area clean. Just remove the doggie duvet cover and throw it in the wash, without having to wash the entirety of the filling.

Use up those fabric and batting scraps to make the filling for a dog/cat bed! Great idea!!

Our personalized canvas dog beds are constructed with a heavy-duty 100% cotton 15-ounce canvas shell. This material is water resistant, breathable, strong and supportive. This durable outer shell can be removed for cleaning and is made to withstand years of heavy use. Each canvas bed is filled with anti-microbial recycled materials making it earth friendly and cozy for your dog. The fiber filling is made of 100% recycled green plastic soda bottles, while the liner is made of 2.0-ounce polypropylene. Using this high-loft, eco-friendly recycled fiber reduces the impact on the environment and contributes less material to landfills. In fact, each bed contains 70 recycled soda bottles.

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and replaces the fill in a standard 19 x 24 Here’s what I’ve been doing for two large boxers. I go to the Goodwill store and buy pretty pillow shams in King or the largest sizes. Just fill them or stuff with pillows, etc. and you have awesome dog beds! I have two beautiful tapestry fabric beds right now, that match my livingroom colors.

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In the 90s, I had a bean bag dog bed for my spaniel that looked very much like this. I think I will adapt this pattern by installing an inner bag, filling that bag with beans and then stitching it up. With a larger opening on the outer bag and some velcro (because I stink at zipper installation) I should have a good facsimile of the old bean bag bed. Thank you so much for this tutorial. It was enough to finally get me off my duff and DO it.

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The Divan dog bed cushion is the perfect place to snuggle and to take a little nap. The elastic high-quality latex filling is optimized for our dog pillows and beds.Cedar chips aren't just something you use to cover up the soil in your yard. They're also beneficial for your pup's bed. Cedar chips in your dog's pillow stuffing keep bugs away, ward off odors and pull in moisture. Plus, cedar chips are eco-friendly. Before racing out to buy cedar to fill Roxy's bed, though, make sure the liner is sturdy and free of any holes. You don't want any wood chips leaking out for her to chew on.Your dog deserves a cozy place to sleep—one that keeps him warm in winter and cool in summer. In addition to the outer fabric, the filler contributes much to the overall comfort of a dog bed. There are various materials to choose from, and many factors can influence your selection. Arthritic and older dogs need a more supportive mattress, while puppies and smaller dogs can get by with a fluffier material. Take your dog's needs into account when making comparisons.This has long been the favorite filler choice for crafters and quilters because it's washable, lightweight, easy-to-use and inexpensive. It is also hypoallergenic so is a good choice if you or your dog has sensitivities or allergies to other -- usually natural -- stuffing like natural latex foam, horse hair or plant materials. The only real drawbacks are that the cheaper materials tend to clump after a few washings and, of course, it is not especially supportive for heavier dogs. It is fine for most smaller dogs, however, and is inexpensive enough to replace occasionally if it clumps. A bonus with "polyfill" is that it insulates, so it makes a warmer, cozier bed than some other fill materials.