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You can also find those handmade dog bed so that you can match it the decorations of your own bed. These make take time to be made, but you can choose colors that will complements the designs of your home. More often than not, these luxury designer dog beds come in variety of styles and designs, so you can choose some ready-made dog beds.

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But for a dog the bolster is also about feeling secure. While it might seem like a modern luxury, the bolster actually appeals to a dog’s ancestral inclinations. Dogs are den animals; the raised back or border surrounding her sleeping space provides a sense of security that recalls a den in the wild, and the pillow also gives her a commanding view of her surroundings. If she’s a back sleeper or sprawler, a large bolster dog bed still gives her the option to use the pillow; a smaller size is just right for small breeds and dog bed-stealing cat thieves.

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Our dog duvets make luxury dog beds that suit pet and owner alike. your dog gets a comfortable and comforting spot of their own. you get a dog bed with a designer print that matches or coordinates with any room in your home.

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We would all like our homes to look more stylish and sophisticated, and now you can get the look for less with the luxury dog beds made by P.L.A.Y. As P.L.A.Y. grows, we have expanded our designer circle beyond San Francisco to also partner with artists in New York and Los Angeles. Together, they bring with them cool West Coast flair and urban New York chic that have successfully made our beds into one-of-a-kind artistic pieces that are exclusive to P.L.A.Y.We have a range of dog beds that are both practical and immensely comfortable. Many have waterproof or water resistant liners for easy cleaning. Many have removable liners which make machine washing a breeze. Many pet owners like to offer their pet a little luxury in the form of a stylish bed – it might be leather, it might be cloth, it might be velvet – each pup has his/her own unique style. We are quite certain that you will find just the right bed as you peruse our pampered pet dog bed section.From our luxurious cushions that transform our dog beds into bespoke pieces of furniture for your home, whilst still having all the benefits of a washable dog bed, to our extensive range of colours and fabrics, our unique dog bed styling, the high quality and practicality of our dog beds make them the perfect choice. What's the secret to our luxury dog beds? We've done away with pre-stuffing beds and instead found a better way — your old stuff!