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This is exactly why just like you and I are much more comfortable sleeping on our beds that are raised off the floor to a certain extent, our dogs are also sleeping on elevated dog beds that are raised off the floor to a certain extent as well.

I hadn’t realized raised dog beds were easily portable – that’s good to know!1

Since 2001, The PetCot Company has been selling our PetCot premium raised dog beds to home users, providing the most durable, comfortable, hygienic and ...

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Splendid elevated dog beds for great danes also raised dog bed gallery photos More Elevated dog beds are also a great option for canines who enjoy snoozing and lounging in the great outdoors. If your pup likes accompanying you in your backyard, a dog cot can make a great addition to your outdoor furniture. After a rain shower, it can also provide your dog with a dry surface to sleep on because its breathable nylon fabric allows water to drain through and dries quickly. On an overnight camping trip, a raised dog bed can keep your buddy bug-free, dry and comfy enough to get some sleep after a day of trekking by your side. And on a day trip out or to the beach, elevated dog beds can fold up and fold out for easy travel. Simply remember to provide them with shade, water, and plenty of sand filled fun, so they’ll be ready to comfortably nap on their elevated and cool bed.

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Take your pup’s trips to dreamland to new heights with an elevated dog bed from Petco. Raised dog beds and cots provide a comfortable oasis that is cooler and moisture-free thanks to the upturned and breathable nylon fabric surface available on most models. This dog cot feature makes for an ideal warm weather sleeping situation for pets with thick coats, as it increases air circulation. Because they are easy to hose down and clean, dog cots are a great option for older or incontinent pooches. No stuffing means they are also more hygienic because they don’t collect dander, dirt, and bugs—which is great news for dogs with sensitive skin or allergies.

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Elevated dog beds work well with dogs of any age, however, as your dog begins to age they (and you!) will begin to appreciate a much firmer sleeping area. Often times with softer “cushion” like dog beds, the sleeping experience can be less comfortable than a consistent, supportive surface. In addition, providing a raised surface for your pet leaves less room for unsanitary conditions (the sleeping surface is raised off of the ground). This makes the beds extremely easy to clean, simple to move around, and practical in almost any situation.I’ve searched the internet and found seven of the best raised dog beds for your precious pups. I chose some for convenience, some for looks, and some for comfort. I hope you’ll find something perfect for your pal.