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BEEF JERKY™…is REAL Beef Jerky! That’s right….it’s made from real beef and is dehydrated slowly, locking in flavor. There’s nothing more to be said…it’s 100% Beef Jerky and….DOGS LOVE IT!!! Made in USA

A much easier way is to get quality beef jerky treats made for specifically dogs.

Great article, I give my little dog a jerky treat every night before bed. Just a little piece and it is low sodium, people beef jerky. I didn’t know how important it is for dogs to have a no or low sodium diet, thank you.

6 Inch Closed Beef Jerky Dog Chews - Best Bully Sticks

Can homemade beef jerky made with soy sauce be harmful to my Saint Bernese dog? If you are looking at using human jerky treats for your dog, make sure they are low or no salt and given in small amounts. Also stay away from highly spicy varieties of jerky. Plain beef jerky is going to be your best bet, other than using jerky specifically made for dogs.

12 Inch Closed Beef Jerky Dog Chews - Best Bully Sticks

We all know that dogs love to get people food. It is also known that feeding your dog people food is not always a good choice. A dogs system is balanced and can be easily upset by just a change in kibble from one brand to another. Beef jerky is a favorite item to use as a treat for dogs. Many use it for training purposes cut into tiny pieces so they can chew it better. But is that jerky something that is safe and good for your dog? Let’s look at a few things.

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Dogs are immediately drawn to the natural smoked smell of the USA beef jerky. Packaged to keep the smell in, but so that you can clearly see the treat inside, these jerky treats are made in America of quality-checked beef. Betsy’s Bones Beef Jerky dog treats 5-inch sticks scored and easily broken into customized bite size pieces for your little or big pooch. This beefy treat is perfect for training treats.6-inch BEEF JERKY (2 pack) – These slow-cooked premium 6″ Beef Jerky treats are made with gluten-free rice flour and 100% all-natural beef. Thinner than our Woof Stix and Burgers but with the same great qualities, our jerky treats are an excellent way to reward your dog. New puppy? Adopted a rescue dog? Working on a better behaving dog? It’s important to use a healthy treat that adds nutrition to your pet’s diet. For more information about how you can use Betsy’s beef jerky dog treats for training, see our post.Every pet parent is fully aware that their furry friends absolutely love to enjoy the occasional treat of ‘people food,’ but because their bodies are set up differently from our own, we have learned to be cautious with the foods that we share. Some types of food, however, seem to lend themselves to canine consumption, and beef jerky is one of them. Our intuition tells us that our dogs, who share a common ancestor with wild wolves, are meat-munching machines.