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These truly orthopedic dog beds are the most comfortable dog bolster beds ever! Our orthopedic pet beds provide excellent support and at the same time they are SOFT AND MUCH MORE COMFORTABLE than any other orthopedic dog beds. A Max Comfort memory foam dog bed comfort den from Max Comfort will provide luxurious comfort for the life of your pet, GUARANTEED.

Dogs beds with bolsters provide a raised edging that can make a nervous dog feel more secure.

Bolster dog beds are especially ideal for dogs who like to put their head on a pillow or armrest when they sleep. They’re also great for dogs who curl up in a ball when napping, and dogs who enjoy cuddling.

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Max Comfort® BioMedic™ bolster dog beds provide the absolute maximum comfort for your dog. Max Comfort® BioMedic™ orthopedic dog beds provide the absolute maximum comfort for your dog. Our memory foam dog beds are available as rectangle dog beds, round dog beds, bolster dog beds and dog pillow beds.

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This awesome bed is made from poly-cotton blends and a waterproof outer shell that is easy to clean. It’s comfortable, has bolsters for your pet’s head to rest on, and is super durable. Available in six different sizes and various colors, the outer portion is machine washable. Compare with other bagel dog beds .

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Hidden Valley Corner Bolster Dog Bed - Extra Large - The SuperSoft Max Corner XL Bolster Dog Bed features a space-friendly corner design with bolstered border. This pet bed will fit nicely in any corner,...Today we’re taking a look at some of the best bolster dog beds on the market! Read our quick list, or see our more detailed bolster dog bed reviews below.All of our orthopedic memory foam dog bed comfort zone bolster beds have zippered, removable, washable covers included. This is a two piece dog bolster bed. The center mattress is our orthopedic dog bed. It removes easily for washing. The bolster cover is a separate cover the orthopedic dog bed fits into. The bolster cover has a zipper all along the bottom for removing and replacing the foam, which is capped with memory foam for comfort. The bolster foam is 5" wide and stock is 3" above the center mattress. We can make this any height above the center mattress you would like, for custom orders. Dogs just love having the back to snuggle against and the arms on the end to rest their head on.We have several bolster dog bed styles available. Choose our comfort dens if you prefer bolsters on three sides or our comfort nests, for bolsters on four sides.About: The is a quality memory foam dog bed with sides, using thick bolsters for your dog to lean and snooze on.About: The is a bolster dog bed with comfy yet sturdy foam, giving your dog to the option to rest its head on the edging or curl into a cozy ball.