Soggy Doggy Gray with White Bone Placemat

Printed on 60 lb. smooth paper and die-cut into a bone shape, our Girl Puppy Dog bone shaped personalized puppy shower placemats are a whimsical addition to your canine and human serving areas! Each placemat features a bright pink, orange and yellow bone pattern, with the phrase “Bone appétit” printed in the center. Your new puppy’s name can even be added to each placemat for free! Whether you display these placemats on party tables or on the floor for your four-legged guests, you’ll love the playful touch our Girl Puppy Dog bone shaped personalized puppy shower placemats add.

Summer BBQ - Hot Diggity Dog - Bone Shaped Personalized Dog Party Placemats:

Placemats are a great way to decorate for your dog party. Summer BBQ - Hot Diggity Dog Bone Shaped Placemats will instantly add dimension and color to your tables set for 2-legged friends. And, placing a few under each slurp and chew dish will make sure your furbabies don't make too much of a mess!

Pink Dog Placemat, Bone Placemat, Personalized Dog Mat.

We have placemats for dogs and cats as well as funny designs,bone placemats and pawprint placemats. We couldn't agree more, and we decided to repin this lovely doggie dish because we think it would look great on one of our fancy design woven bone pet placemats (though, really, it would look great on any of our pet placemats). Specifically, we would pair this one up with our Black Oriental bone pet placemat. The reflective surface and hint of color would fit right in with the luxury quality carpet and authentic woven oriental pattern of our pet mat.

Bowlmates Black and White Bones Dog Placemat

Our dog bone pet placemats are available in a beige Plaid pattern, as are our home mats and in our line. So these plaid dog bone IDs would match our Plaid bone pet mats perfectly.

Dog Bone Placemat by Adrienne Franklin

Bordered in eye-catching red and detailed with a trendy checkerboard pattern, our Summer BBQ - Hot Diggity Dog bone shaped personalized dog party placemats are an elegant yet festive way to decorate both human and canine place settings! These 12- by 18-inch placemats are printed on 60 lb. smooth paper that is made in the USA, and feature a Summer BBQ - hot diggity dog against a yellow and white background. Each one is shaped like a bone, and includes free personalization! Customize your Summer BBQ - Hot Diggity Dog bone shaped personalized dog party placemats for a fun, memorable touch to your party space.Many homeowners want to protect their floors from food or water spilling out of dog and cat bowls. One way to do that is with a pet placemat, or a waterproof mat to set on your floors to put feeding and drinking bowls on. They can come in many cute designs from paw print patterns to dog bone prints, even bone shape or assorted colors to match your decor. Your dog needs to have drinking water down at all times as pets consume a lot of water and need it for their health, and inevitably they will spill or splash water over the sides of their bowl and on to a floor. If you have hardwood floors in a kitchen where a bowl is placed this can ruin the wood with water spots. Even on marble and tile eater or food can get in cracks and crevasses, creating a food build up which can seep into the wood sub flooring below. A waterproof pet bowl mat will solve these problems and they can be wiped clean with a damp cloth, making for easy clean up and a healthy feeding area for your dog. Many placemats also have ridged sides to prevent food and water spillage if you have a large breed dog or particularly messy eater. The mat forms a small tray to set on the floor and contain anything that can get splashed or spilled over.