Dec 21, 2016 - Dog Booster Seats are great car seats for small dogs

There are two ways to secure the seat to the car’s seat belt and pet owners are glad about this added flexibility. Aside from attaching easily to the car, it comes with dog collar attachments, too. All these make daily driving safer and more convenient. Overall, this is one of the best large dog booster seats, but even greater for small to medium dogs that love to spread out.

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This looks like a traveling pet basket for your fur babies, but its front part is slightly cut out to allow a perfect view of the road and the surroundings. The large size would actually occupy the most part of a standard-size car. This proved to be a very valuable contraption for post-surgery dogs that needed to be transported, and most buyers agree that it is one of the best large dog booster seats.

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Crash tested dog car seats. The only crash tested dog booster seat to pass MGA crash testing. Made for dogs under 30 lbs. Crates and simple car seat belts cannot offer protection and safety in a car like the PupSaver Car Seat can! The PupSaver is a small dog car safety seat, created for small breed dogs in need of a safe seat for car rides. Harnesses, crates and booster seats are not the safest options for small dogs, since they offer no impact protection in case of accidents or short stops. The PupSaver offers full protection without complete restraint. It protects dogs up to 30 lbs and easily hooks up in…

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Fortunately for those dogs, dog car seats allow them to ride safely in comfort. They also boost small dogs up enough so they can see out the window, while keeping them in one place so they don’t jump all over you while you drive. While larger dogs usually do a okay with , the car seat is the way to go for smaller pups.Perhaps the soft-sided seats aren’t inspiring enough confidence. This plastic-framed booster should help you rest a bit easier. The rugged construction is more akin to a child’s car seat, and will keep your dog safe and secure. The overall height of this one is a bit shorter, so pick this if safety is the ultimate goal over having your dog be able to look out the window. You have two sizes to choose from with this model — a larger one with interior dimensions of 20 inches by 17 inches, and a smaller one with interior dimensions of 16 inches by 12 inches. Both are brown plastic, but you can choose between chocolate swirl or jaguar print liners.There are many car seats on the market to choose from. However, many of these products are large and perfect for larger dogs as opposed to smaller pets. If you have a small pet, you might have a tough time getting a great product. However, the designers of this product had you in mind. They came up with a small and compact product for your little pups. From this booster seat, your pet will be comfortable and safe. Its raised design will also provide your little pet with the luxury of a better view.Some dogs also suffer from car anxiety, which dog booster seats can also alleviate. Having a stationary car seat allows dogs to feel more secure and safe, comforting them in the car.