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My dogs are always bored with the dog toys that they have. They have had these toys for awhile, and if I try to play with them they just stop after a couple minutes. All they do is sit there and the only excersise they get is our daily walks and when we run around in the backyard. These dog toys will help a lot, I never want to take the time to buy the toys and have to spend a lot more then these good ideas.

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One of the most popular types of dog toys to relieve boredom is the puzzle toy. These toys require you to put a treat inside and then your pooch has to complete a specific series of actions to get the treat out. If your dog is smart, it will only entertain him for a short amount of time, but many dogs can play with the same puzzle toy for hours on end. A similar option is a food-dispensing toys, which typically involve rolling the toy around to get the food out. This type of toy works well for all dogs since you can’t get food out more quickly by figuring out how it works.

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Here are six reasons why treat dispensing dog toys are boredom busters for dogs: If you don't provide your dog with a toy of your choosing, he will find one for himself -- whether it is a worthless old magazine or your expensive new pair of designer shoes. There is no "if" in this equation, only when. Bored dogs make their own fun. Give your dog plenty of fun toys to play with to prevent destructive behavior. Solid rubber balls, treat dispenser toys and heavy rope tugs are good choices, but if you are not in the room, make sure that there are no small parts -- like squeakers, buttons, knobs and so forth -- to choke on. Also be sure the toys are durable enough to withstand serious chewing and play. Never leave your dog alone with brittle plastic toys or stuffed toys that may tear. Make your pup a toy box and change out the toys regularly to keep him interested.

My dogs are always bored with the dog toys that they have.

Once upon a time, there was no such thing as . Humans read books. Played board games. Did puzzles. Dogs are still living in those sweet, simple times. For dogs that hang out at home while their parents are at work, puzzle toys are vital for preventing boredom. We rounded up our 10 fave picks for puzzle toys that keep dogs happy—and out of trouble.

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GIVE YOUR DOG A BONE OR A FOOD DISPENSING TOY: Chewing is healthy for dogs, and helps them relieve stress as well. Food dispensing toys are invaluable boredom busters. While rubber Kongs are classic toys and can be stuffed with a great variety of treats and tasties, there are many other options on the market now, like: Aikiou toy, Nina Ottosson’s toys, Kong wobbler, Kibble Nibble, Busy Buddy toys, Orbee Treat Spot toys, Tug-a-Jugs, and Buster Cubes.If you have a dog, you want to treat him well and make sure that he is always happy. This means ensuring he is properly entertained with toys and games. Its very important to have the best toys for bored dogs at home when they are alone. Toys are especially important if you go to work during the day and leave your pooch at home alone as without them, he will get bored. Simply choosing any toy will probably make your dog happy, but some will do a better job at keeping him entertained than others.