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The best wireless dog fence is circular or radial. When you have a large yard, this should not be a problem. The radial feature allows you to adjust the boundaries if need be and your dog can have more space to play.

The PetSafe wireless dog fence only transmits boundaries in a circular area –

Veterinary behaviorist Dr. Karen Overall reports that there are cases of humans being bitten when they pulled dogs over the boundary of an electronic fence. [Manual of Clinical Behavioral Medicine for Dogs and Cats, 2013, p. 108-109] The thing you would hope for, that the dog would wait calmly just outside the perimeter, waiting for you to get home and turn the fence off or remove his collar, is not likely to happen. You got the fence because you didn’t figure the dog would stay in the yard in the first place. Once the dog is outside the perimeter, you are pretty much in trouble.

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Fence enclosure is precise (no chance of correcting the dog when inside the house) because signal is carried to the boundary by the twisted pair wire. ADMIN – Hi Anthony. Have you looked at the DogFenceDIY “” page? Yes. The Single-sided Boundary Layout can create a single sided boundary. The only stipulation is that the section can only be half the length of the looped boundary wire. For example, if your loop is 100 feet in a circle, you can only run 50 feet of twisted wire back. This install is very popular with people who live in a rural setting and they want to protect their dog from running out onto the freeway. You simply run a long length of twisted wire from the wall transmitter out to the road. Create a long, skinny loop of boundary wire, remembering to keep the parallel sections a minimum of 6 feet separated to avoid the wires interfering with each other. The key for success of this installation method is run your loop far enough along the road so that your dog doesn’t run around it.

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My fence kit can cover up to 25 acres. I have a little more than 2. But most kids come with less flags than you may want for big spaces. I figured if I placed them every 10 feet, I'd only get 1/3 an acre out of the boundary flags so I extra to make training easier. And it was. I especially like the dog fence flags that I bought from flexpetz they where much heavier and had a metal post, much easier to stay in the ground and they don't blow away like the other ones. (Posted on 4/1/2013)

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