A Vet's Guide To Life: Preventing Bloat

There is some debate about whether raised feeding dishes can help. Some dog experts think that they can help prevent bloat, while others say it actually encourages the condition. I’m not a vet, but from my personal experience with Great Danes, using raised feeding seems to help with digestion. I’ve had a couple of Danes that would often regurgitate their food when they ate from a floor-level dish. When we switched to raised food bowls, the dogs stopped throwing up.

that large breed dogs she used elevated feeding bowls to help prevent bloat.

The only definitive prevention is surgical tacking. It’s possible that feeding your dog canned food, splitting meals into multiple smaller meals through the day, slowing down the rate at which your dog eats, and placing food bowls on the ground may help prevent bloat. However, the best prevention is to anchor the stomach in a correct position inside the abdomen so that it can’t twist. On a healthy dog, the recovery is minimal, and complications are rare. Please discuss this important procedure with us at any time. We recommend dogs at risk have the stomach tacking done at an early age, such as when the pet is spayed or neutered, but it can be done at any time.
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asked when a dog bloated was he eating from an elevated bowl.

Veterinarians often recommend that large breed dogs she used elevated feeding bowls to help prevent bloat and other digestive disorders. Get the real info. Okay, just putting it out there, but how can “good breeders of Great Danes” know that they are preventing bloat by feeding from a raised bowl? You can’t prove something is a preventative without a control group. How do we know good breeders of Great Danes just don’t breed from dogs particularly susceptible to bloat through some unrelated coincidence of selection? Incidentally, there are other studies more recent than the Purdue one that also implicate raised bowls in bloat cases. You, my friend, do not have all the facts. You are giving your own opinion, which is not even backed up by numbers like the Purdue study was. That makes you a wee bit hypocritical, don’t you think?

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My mums Akita died of this last year it was only 4 yrs old,she let it out at 8am to go the toilet and it started crying so she assumed it was having difficulty urinating due to a kidney stone or UTI, she took it the vet 6hrs later and whilst in the vet its stomach swelled and the vet put it down straight away.
There are a few things i believe you can do to really help prevent bloat and ease your mind, in deep chested dogs such as boxers an elevated bowl is a must, it stops gulping of air, there are also special anti gulp bowls etc available now in pet shops to stop dogs eating too fast, i dont let my dog eat an hour before or after excercise so their food can digest.
i think its important to split there meals into at least 2 a day first thing in morning and last at night, can you imagine starving yourself all day then eating three meals in one? not only does it struggle to digest such a big meal but because its starving it gulps it down as fast as possible causing wind. another thing i think probably contributes to gas and indigestion in dogs is poor diet, if you dog suffers from wind then you probably need to change their food to a good quality dried food.

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