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Dogs, like us, love a little variety in life. You asked us for the best way to provide your dog with an assortment of treats, so we created Premium Treats & Chews Boxes.

Treat boxes, delivered to your doorstep monthly, contain five unique dog treats and items

If your dog is very suspicious, you may need to do the first exercise over again once, or twice, or several times, until he "believes" something a human might phrase thus: "All that is going on here is that the click sound means my person gives me delicious food. And the box is not a trap, the box is a signal that click and treat time is here, if I can just find out how to make my person click."

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I think Ragan has reviewed several toys-only boxes because her dog Nyx can’t have most treats. What you get: With BarkBox, you’ll get a themed collection every month that consists of 4 to 6 innovative toys and healthy treats. All you need to do is choose your dog size and you’ll get a new, amazing dog box items sent to your doorstep every month. Plus, below, you’ll find an awesome BarkBox coupon!

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We have thousands of regular customers through the doors of our brick & mortar stores each week. We use their feedback and observations ... then, we put a great deal of thought, research, and time into creating each month's DOG BOX. We only choose high quality vendors using top ingredients in their treats and we observe our own dogs putting the toys to the test. We're really proud of the DOG BOX because we know every item is something we've seen dogs enjoy and benefit from - stimulation wise and health wise. And that's what our goal is - to make dogs of all sizes (Bigs, Littles & Middles) happy & healthy, with life-enriching gifts each month.

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Making The Smartest Choice for your Dog or Cat is about more than just loving your pet. With Intelligence For Your Pets Premium Dog or Cat Box , you get to treat your pet the way she deserves - like a member of the family. Each month’s Chew Box generally features 2–3 durable chew toys, a bone, and dog treats. Each month’s Teruffic Box usually includes 2–3 toys of all varieties, a bone, and dog treats. Offerings vary by month and dog size. All new customers receive a dog tag with a unique I.D. that can be used to contact owners in case the dog goes missing. PupJoy Boxes are filled with natural, organic treats, toys and accessories from responsible artisan brands, all carefully selected and vetted by the most discerning dogs. (Just kidding, it’s actually us. But the dogs do love testing) Pet owners are a lot like grandparents: they can't resist spoiling the smaller members of their family. While grannies ply their loved ones with toys and treats, pet parents shower their pups with ... well ... toys and treats specifically designed for canines. Fortunately, Teruffic Box provides all the fun your dog could ever desire—without the onerous trip to a big-box pet store. Each month, the company ships curated collections of squeaky playthings, plush companions, bones, and other goodies to its subscribers.