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“Then I was walking around the farmers market on an August day. We had just gotten her. I was looking at the bread, the pizza and the flowers, and I thought, ‘There are no dog biscuits. Someone should do that! I could do that!’ “

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Now that your new doggy is home, I’m sure you’ve caught a little whiff of his or her breath. In most cases, doggy breath can use a little freshening up. We do brush our dog’s teeth. But not as often as we should. It’s easier to give a rawhide or a breath freshener dog biscuit. Which is why I was first interested in .

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Or, if you prefer, there are commercial biscuits available that also will clean your dog’s breath. Homemade Mint Buckwheat Dog Biscuit Recipe - I think these are my favorite treats that I've made so far. They were easy to make, the dogs loved 'em and they help with stinky breath. Not to mention they were nice, light & crispy so easy to break into smaller pieces - will definitely be using this recipe over & over again | @LolaThePitty

Bad breath biscuits for dogs who eat poop

Our Better Breath Biscuits have that peanut butter flavor that dogs can't resist, and then we add both mint parsley, to double up in the fight against bad breath. Topped with tantalizing chopped peanuts.

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You love your dog, but man, his breath could strip paint off a wall! Your dog’s breath is so bad, you don’t know what end smells worse. If you’re sick of being woken up in the morning with the foul stench of bad dog breath, you’ll want to try our Barking Bad Breath Dog Biscuit Recipe. Parsley and mint work together to give him kissably fresh breath. And he won’t get offended when you give him a treat to get rid of that stink breath – personal hygiene complaints always go down better when a treat is involved.Dog biscuits are a great treat for yourpet. The biscuits available may have additional benefits than just rewarding your companion. Some treats contain various supplements (i.e. glucosamine for the bone or cartilages) while others can be a remedy forhalitosis or bad breath. Charcoal dog biscuits can be administered for dogs with bad breath.Dogs will lick up every last crumb of these crunchy peanut butter-flavoured biscuits created by Nicole Young. Plus the fresh mint and parsley help freshen their breath, too. For a small dog, use a smaller cutter.Do you love puppy kisses but hate stinky dog breath? These drool-worthy, all-natural dog biscuits can help! They’re made with brown rice flour, activated charcoal for digestion, local eggs, organic milk, parsley and mint and will leave your pup happy and his breath smelling fresh. Treat your dog to tasty dog biscuits, and treat yourself to puppy kisses that don’t make you want to run away from their smell.