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Great confusion exists about the background of the Scottish terrier, stemming from the early custom of calling all terriers from Scotland Scottish or Scotch terriers. To further confuse matters, the present Scottish terrier was once grouped with Skye terriers, in reference not to the modern Skye terrier but of a large group of terriers from the Isle of Skye. Whatever the origin, the early Scottish terriers were definitely a hardy lot of Highlanders, used for going to ground in pursuit of their prey. Only in the late 1800s can the Scottish terrier's history be confidently documented. Of the several short-legged, harsh-coated terriers, the dog now known as the Scottish terrier was most favored in the Aberdeen area, and so for a time she was called the Aberdeen terrier. By the 1870s, the situation had become so confusing that a series of protests were made, ultimately leading to a detailed description of how the true Scottish terrier should appear. Around 1880, the first breed standard was put forth. The first Scotty came to America in 1883. She gradually gained popularity until World War II, after which her popularity soared. The most well-known Scotty in America was Fala, Franklin Roosevelt's dog, who was his constant companion in life and buried at his side in death. The Scottish terrier remains a fixture of the terrier group, always a contender in the show ring and a favorite in the home.

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While fanciers sought to identify and standardize the breed and its description through the late 19th century, the Scottish Terrier was known by many different names: the Highland, the Cairn, Diehard, and most often, the Aberdeen Terrier—named because of the abundant number of the dogs in the area and because a J. A. Adamson of successfully exhibited his dogs during the 1870s. Roger Rough, a dog owned by Adamson, Tartan, a dog owned by Mr Paynton Piggott, Bon Accord, owned by Messrs Ludlow and Bromfield, and Splinter II owned by Mr Ludlow, were early winners of dog exhibitions and are the four dogs from which all Scottish Terrier ultimately began. It is often said that all present day Scotties stem from a single , Splinter II, and two sires. In her book, , Cindy Cooke refers to Splinter II as the "foundation matron of the modern Scottish Terrier." Cooke goes on to say "For whatever reason, early breeders line bred on this bitch to the virtual exclusion of all others. Mated to Tartan, she produced Worry, the dam of four champions. Rambler, her son by Bonaccord, sired the two founding sires of the breed, (out of Worry) and (out of a Dundee daughter)" Show champions on both sides of the descend from Splinter and her sires.

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