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If the is strapped in, there is likely to be less tossing about. And he is prevented from flying forward and injuring the people passengers or from flying through the windshield. Kennel restraints made from the same webbing as the seat belts of cars is a very good way to secure your dog’s carrier in the car. Riding in a dog crate secured with also helps to prevent your dog from being a distraction to the driver.

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Perfect for small dogs up to 20 pounds or cats of the same size, the attaches to any car seat belt during your ride and becomes a pet carrier once you’ve reached your destination. Attach your pet’s harness or collar to the carrier’s interior tether for additional security and safety as you drive.

Make sure that your pet’s carrier is tethered to the vehicle at all times while driving to prevent the carrier from moving or being thrown forward into the front seat, Hohenhaus said.

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It’s long been recommended that smaller pets travel in body harnesses or soft carriers that interface with a car’s shoulder belt, or in a travel carrier or crate, for larger dogs. Those options keep pets in place during normal driving, reducing distractions. And in case of an accident, it was believed they might reduce the likelihood of pet injury.

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Q: Many car harnesses for dogs and travel carriers for various pets look pretty flimsy. Do these things really keep our animals safe in cars? Putting a in a carrier for a ride has long been common practice, because generally don’t like being in a moving vehicle. But most, if not all, dogs love cars, and they love sticking their noses out the window to enjoy the smells as they roll by. Problem is, it’s just not safe to let them do that. And it’s not just their safety on the line: Letting a dog be loose in the car is also dangerous for the driver and others on the road.