density – which makes for a chew that is durable, but also more safe.

My dogs loves her deer antler chew. We got it from a local organic deer farm, so I am not concerned about the source being unsafe or anything. The best way to find a source is to ask around at your local farmers market.

Would it be safe to give my dog the antlers to chew on from deer this old

When looking for a good antler chew, opt for elk antler instead of deer antler. Make sure they are raised in a safe, controlled environment free of chemicals. Ranch-raised elk should be tested regularly for diseases such as Chronic Wasting Disease and tuberculosis in order to ensure a healthy and safe form of exercise for your dog.

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Is it safe to let my dog chew on deer antlers? - Page 2 - 2CoolFishing The safety factor of deer and elk antlers does have an opposing view. Dr. Marty Becker of North Idaho Animal Hospital in Sandpoint, Idaho, says that "." Chew toys that are exceedingly hard can cause fractured and broken teeth, oral and internal bleeding if they splinter and blockages if they are swallowed. Dr. Liz Hardesty of Murrayhill Veterinary Hospital in Beaverton, Oregon, adds that "even dogs who have chewed on antlers successfully in the past are ." Fractured and broken teeth are painful for dogs and can become abscessed.

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By FAR, I prefer elk antler over any over species of cervids (whitetail deer, mule deer, red stag, etc.), as the antler material offers optimal density — which makes for a chew that is durable, but also more safe. Elk chews actually are LESS dense than other antler chews as its outer-structure / marrow ratio is much lower. By contrast, most deer antlers are incredibly hard throughout (think jawbreaker hard), while lacking much in the way of core marrow. I have found that such other antler offerings carry too high a risk of causing slab fractures (Ouch! I can’t imagine the pain of a broken tooth…) for me to feel comfortable offering them to our dog, much less endorsing them to the market through Mountain Dog Chews. Too, although all antlers are less likely to splinter as compared to cooked meat bones, elk (and moose, also) chews can be virtually worry-free from splintering (if processed correctly and sized appropriately), while deer antlers may readily snap or crack when at the mercy of a voracious chewer – to me, personally, it’s an an apples to oranges comparison.

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Dogs will chew on pretty much anything – but that doesn’t mean it’s safe to let them! One of my readers asked if a deer antler chew was a good choice for her dog: Q: One of my friends gave my Cavapoo an antler chew. It seems kind of hard. Is it safe for him to […]These naturally harvested deer and elk antler dog chews are a long lasting, safe and healthy option for dogs. They are odor-free and stain-free, high in calcium and phosphorous, and help to clean your dog’s teeth. Why not treat your dog to an antler dog chew!