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Whether your beloved pup is covered in sand from a day at the beach or full of mud after a romp in the woods, getting him or her clean before coming indoors is imperative. Backyard hoses and makeshift tubs used to be the norm, but recently we’ve seen a new (genius!) trend popping up in homes all over the country. Mudrooms and entryways decked out with built in dog-washing stations make keeping your pet clean a breeze, and can be incorporated into a surprising variety of spaces. Your shiny pup and clean carpets will thank you.

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Brookswood Animal Clinic is pleased to offer a self-service pet washing station — The Dirty Dog. We know that washing your dog (or cat) in your bathroom can be an unpleasant and challenging experience (not to mention hairy!).As a convenient service to the community, we created the Dirty Dog pet washing station at our clinic for public use. We provide all that you will need to walk out the door with a clean fresh smelling pet including towels, a variety of shampoos and conditioners depending on what your pet's needs are, brushes, a blow dryer and nail trimmers and clippers if needed. For an additional fee one of the skilled technicians can trim your pet's nails or provide guidance in the performance of this sometimes difficult grooming task.

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dog shower, boot cleaning station... husband army and dog that rolls in mud.... oh yeah our garage is getting one!! For more information, check out the Instructable here:

Give your dog the attention it deserves with a dedicated dog washing station! With a few off-the-shelf hardware store parts and a classy fixture by Moen, you can keep your dog clean and add a nice accent to your home.

I made this project with some basic woodworking tools, some plumbing fittings, and garden hoses for water supply and drainage. It has the added bonus of using the drain water to keep your plants healthy while you’re under state-imposed water restrictions!

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Having a clean dog makes you feel good. However, bathing a dog is not easy to do. Dogs can be tricky to bath. If you are a pet lover, you already know this. Not to mention all the mess and splashed water when doing it in a standard tub.

Of course, you can always do the washing outdoor, but this is not always possible due to various factors. You can also look for grooming stations near you house, but not many places have them. Another option is homemade tubs. But they are almost always ugly!

With this modern and very useful home dog wash station, you can easily bath you dog whenever you want, without getting wet.

If there are lots of homes with dogs in your area, you can even start a small business with this portable shower stall.

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Thanks to this portable dog bath and grooming station, your pet will be clean as a whistle, at all times. The station includes a shampoo bottle holder, adjustable legs, removable door for easy entry, and high density polyethylene construction. Lightweight, resistant to rust and tarnish.We love dog showers! Create a stylish and functional wash station for your pets with Swan solid surface shower pans and walls. They're super tough and easy to clean – perfect for your favorite mutt.