Which Is The Best Dog Collar Camera On The Market Today?

Another practical use for the Polaroid Cube is to test whether your dog is ready to be home alone without being in the kennel. Just start the video from the camera on their collar, and head out for a quick errand for an hour. When you return, you’ll be able to see what your dog was up to, and whether they obeyed all the rules, the way they do when you’re home. The Polaroid Cube sees 124 degrees, and will run for up to 90 minutes on a single battery charge. There’s a microphone too, so you’ll be able to see and hear everything.

Petcam Collar Camera Eye View Video Recorder Monitor for Dog Cat Pup...

Meet the first collar mounted video camera for your cat, dog, or whichever animal you call your own. Watch your pet's life through their eyes with this superb toy.

Records up to 3 hours of high-quality video

Crystal clear audio

Weighs less than 20 grams (about the weight of 4 pieces of gum)

Easily attaches to a wide range of pet collars

Features Motion-Detection mode to only record the entertaining parts of your pet's day

Comes complete with a micro SD card. Out of the box, ready to run!

Limited Production

Order your's today!

...Hear em' purr
...See em' play
...Feel em' live

Mr. Petcam

Also makes a superb home security device!

Can a Dog Camera Collar Reveal Your Dog's Secret Life?

DIGITAL PET COLLAR CAM CAMERA DVR VIDEO RECORDER MONITOR FOR DOG CAT PUPPY BLACK: Specific... Another reviewer explained how the PetSnaps Camera-Collar has helped with issues of jealousy. Her nine-year-old dachshund, Jack, could finally rest assured that, when she left the house without him, she wasn’t just going off to the dog park with another pup; she was at this other strange place called “the office.” Jack had never visited her workplace. Until this point, as far as he was concerned, the world had been no more than the park, the garden and the grooming parlor.

Dog Camera Collar Lets You See His/Her Point of View

video camera on a cat collar that cost $10.99. Shows my cat roaming the neighborhood, a Cat fight, climbing roofs, exploring tunnels. Cool stuff Y2000 mini cam Y3000 gopro video dog pet animal review

What Can You Learn with a Dog Collar Camera? - Polaroid Cube

PawsCam is as small as a chicken egg and weighs less than a golf ball! PawsCam weighs lightly on your furry loved one, causing zero impact to your dog’s daily activities. Additionally, our device easily attaches to any dog collar! There’s no special mount needed making PawsCam burden free for you and your dog. This high-tech camera is easy to use. Simply clip it to your dog's collar to record. The fastener of this video camera is designed to attach firmly to your pet's collar. Once it is on, it stays on. To watch the video, plug the camera into your computer. There is no software to install. Several features are included for optimum viewing:Other cameras simply take pictures. With the push of a button, this collar camera records what is happening from your dog's perspective. Discover his favorite places to sniff, if he and the cat are secretly friends, or how he treats strangers when you're not there. He can even spy on the babysitter. The camera attaches securely to collars 0.4 to 1.2 inches. Weighing 1.2 ounces means it is light enough that your big dog, little dog, even a cat will forget it's there.If you own a GoPro or want to purchase a dog collar camera, the GoPro + Fetch harness is our number one pick. The durability really holds up during your dogs activity levels and can easily be cleaned (machine washable). If you’re interested in the Fetch harness, be sure to continue reading to see which GoPro is right for you and your dog.