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We're going to open up a one dog system and show you what you get. First off, you get a handy dandy case. Owner's manual, contact point wrench and extenders, transmitter, lanyard with belt clips attached. You get a clickable dial that you can switch out from your rheostat dial. Test light, collar receiver with a black strap, wall charger with a splitter so you can charge both pieces at the same time.

Green LED flashing light dog collar that lights up & flashes, by BellaTAZ, $15.95+

Now your dog will be seen up to 1,000 feet away at night and they will be looking fashionable in their red or orange webbed collar. This light-up dog collar is perfect for small, medium or large dogs. You can relax when taking those night-time strolls with your dog now that you will be able to see them investigating bushes or roaming free in an off-leash park.

Our dog collar safety light is visible up to 3 miles away.

A Korean startup has created a collar for your dog or cat with built-in LED lights that are capable of displaying text. To customize the collar’s length for your dog, measure the dog’s neck, then cut the tube to a suitable size. Push in the connector to the collar, so that the two ends make contact, and it will light up as normal.

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Armed with a single CR2032 battery, a couple of LEDs, some aquarium tubing, some leather, a 10mm snap, thread and a buckle I show you how to make a bright light-up dog collar which will make it just that little bit harder for your loving pet to slink away out of your sight on a dark nights walk.

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I am extremely pleased to announce that this is BY FAR, my absolute favorite light up dog collar. I highly recommend this company and this product for anyone who wants a high quality LED light up dog collar that is resilient and sturdy.With plenty of reflective and light-up pet collars for sale, we know you'll find something that suits your taste as well as your dog's. Choose the color and style you like, and outfit your dog affordably and with peace of mind. All LED collars are rechargeable via USB. All safety collars undergo three levels of quality control testing for your guaranteed satisfaction. Puplight's collar is in two pieces that snap together. If the large size strap is too small for your dog's neck, snap in the second smaller piece. Adjust the collar so it fits snuggly around your dog's neck. Put the Puplight on the doubled up part of the strap. The strap should be in front of the middle part of the attachment. If both pieces snapped together are a little too big, put your finger behind the strap in front of the attachment and pull slightly. This creates a loop that tightens the fit of the collar. BRIGHTNESS – If the lights are on the outside of the collar, they will be much brighter than lights that are inside the nylon collar. Pup Protector lights are on the outside of the collar and are the brightest lights. When buying a lighted collar with lights inside the nylon, the lighter the color of the collar, the brighter the lights. For Dog-E-Glow collars, we only carry the two patterns that are the brightest. The Puplight dog collar light is the brightest LED light. It shines up to 30 feet.