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DO NOT BRING YOUR BELOVED PET HERE! My dog was cut deep and needed stitches! I took my Yorkshire, my baby, to the PetSmart in Calverton (Cherry Hill Rd/ Silver Spring) on May 25, 2016 for a bath and hair cut. About 45 minutes after dropping her off someone called from the store in a panic. She explained she accidentally cut my baby and that she would need stitches. The recovery process has been agonizing for my family. She is forced to wear the cone on her head and will not eat, drink, or relieve herself with it on. The hospital instructed us to keep it on her for two weeks so that she would not bother the wound. She is miserable. She use to be so happy.

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They cut my dog really bad to the point she needed to get her ear glued, so bad they put her on antibiotics and pain meds. Not the first time they cut her but this was beyond means. She has to wear a cone so she won't scratch it and hurt it. So much for wanting her nice and clean and pretty for Christmas, now the poor thing has to wear the horrible cone. If you love your pet, DO NOT TAKE THEM TO PETSMART GROOMING!!!

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Sep 8, 2010 - When my dog got neutered, I got his elizabethian collar/E collar/Cone collar at Petsmart. He hated it, but it kept him from licking and scratching. We brought our 3-year-old English bulldog to Petsmart in Hanover MA for grooming. Approximately 30 minutes after leaving him we received a call from the groomer saying our dog Charlie, had sustained a bad cut to his paw and they were transporting him to the animal hospital. Charlie required surgery to repair his paw, has his foot put in a cast, and had to wear a cone that he really did not like. He has to wear a plastic bag on his foot every time he goes out. The groomer apologized and took full responsibility for leaving him unattended. However the store manager has refused to accept responsibility, never apologized, and has refused to pay for any of the vet bills other than the initial visit. Do not ever entrust Petsmart with your dog. You will regret it.

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Spoiler alert: , the Brooklyn-based French bulldog with more than 67 thousand Instagram followers, is stopping by the gathering. The fashionable will also be cooling down with a cone in the park. (Credit: PetSmart)

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