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As leaders in the pet-friendly interior business, Covercraft saw an opportunity, and recently acquired Ruff Rider pet travel restraints. These vet-approved, award-winning devices are far more than just a modified pet harness. A dog isn’t a human and can't be counted on to stay put in the seat where a seatbelt or air bag can be effective in preventing injury. So Ruff Riders are designed to let the tether keep your pet out of harm's way. They're engineered to DOT standards for human restraints, and will keep your pet far safer than letting it sit unrestrained, or even in a crate bolted to the floor. And all of the Canine Covers and Pet Pad products are engineered to allow your Ruff Rider to anchor to the car’s seatbelt or child-seat LATCH attach points in your car or truck.

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Oxford Waterproof Dog Seat Covers For Cars Trucks and Suvs Cozy Pet Seats Cover Designed for use in sports utility vehicles (SUVs), trucks, and cars, Plush Paws is a professional-grade, luxurious car seat cover with a sturdy and non-slip silicone backing. It is durable, comfortable for dogs weighing up to 60 pounds, and has a leak proof barrier that protects your car’s seat from spills when traveling. This is impressive, particularly if you tag along with your dog and kids during your numerous outdoor adventures. As most products highlighted here in, Plush Paws is affordable and has well-designed fully adjustable anchors for easier and secure installation. It is machine-washable and has comfortable padding.

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Three main types of dog seat covers are available, including fitted, hammock style, and cargo mats. Fitted covers are available in universal and custom styles. They come in standard sizes designed to fit a variety of vehicles, and they can be custom-tailored to fit a truck's rear bench seat or a car's front . Both bench-style and custom-fitted seat covers offer full back seat protection for the dog. Bench-style covers are usually spread over a vehicle's entire back seat and can even accommodate human passengers when equipped with special openings for fastening seat belts. Many bench seat covers can also double as cargo bed liners for hauling heavy items in the rear of large pickup trucks.

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While most people focus on the fact they are looking for car seat covers for dogs don’t rule out the fact that they also make them for pickup trucks and SUV’s. With the cost of some SUV’s today protecting your seats from your dogs claws and messy hair is an excellent idea. For your truck or SUV you will want to get a bench seat dog cover. Most bench seat dog covers will work perfectly with any stand alone bench seat or even with those that fold down. The best type of material to use is a micro-velvet material as it will retain a nice look for years with proper washing. The micro-velvet material prevents pet hair, dirt and moisture from harming your vehicle seats. In addition, it is the perfect car seat cover for dogs because it remain cool in the summer and nice and toasty in the winter time.To protect the seats in your truck, we suggest you . They not only protect your seats, but they are quite comfortable for your furry amigo. With seat covers for dogs, your dog can ride around in style and luxury.