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We have a great selection of hand crafted items by Amish craftsmans for you to choose from. To start with we have many great items for your beloved pets. Obviously we know you love your pets as much as we do and want only the very best for them. Well guess what, we have it. We make stainless steel as well as galvanized dog crate pans. They are top quality, attractive, and make a more sanitary environment for your dog. In addition to the crate pans we also offer an array of wooded dog crate covers. They make a wonderful addition to your home and can add style and even function to your canine’s crate. The wooden crate covers can make the crate less noticeable and also be used as a table at the same time. You have options of size, color, and style of your wooden crate cover to go with any home décor. Depending on the design you choose, the wooden dog crate covers can even stand alone as an attractive end table when you don’t need your dog’s crate in the house. The covers add a wonderful look that adds a touch of class to your home.

This pan is designed to fit the Midwest iCrate and Select Folding Dog Crates

Life Stages dog crates offer great value with both the divider panel and ABS plastic pan included. These crates fold easily without tools, include carrying handles and are ideal for the pet owner who wants a dog crate that is quick and easy to fold and carry, yet sturdy enough to contain an active pet.

MidWest® Life Stages Dog Crate Replacement Pan 42-inch

This pan is designed to fit the Midwest iCrate and Select Folding Dog Crates If are looking for a dog crate replacement pan that won't break or shatter, than you want to check out our polypropylene GoGo Plastic Replacement Pans for Metal Dog Crates. GoGo is the only brand who manufactures plastic replacement trays made from high grade polypropylene (PP) which is a softer, yet super strong material with a little bit of flexibility to it, which prevents damage. Unlike other brands who only offer ABS plastic pans which are prone to shattering, snapping and easy breakage.

Midwest SL54DD 'Ginormus' Double Door Dog Crate + Pan

The Large Crate Tray is a replacement tray that fits the American Kennel Club 42 in. Large Dog Crate. It is easy to install and easy to remove for cleaning. The tray comes in multiple sizes and has versatile uses, such as a liner for your car's trunk or cargo area, a tray for under the litter box to contain scatter, a tray for holding muddy boots, a pan to sit under a gas grill to protect your patio or deck, a tray to set potted plants that come inside for the winter, a liner for a cabinet base, a pan to catch drips and much more. This product is also approved by the American Kennel Club.

Stainless Steel Metal Dog Crate Pans - 24 to 36 Inches

These homes fold up “suitcase style” for easy transport and storage. All panels are connected and set up within seconds! They are preferred by those who take their dogs with them when travelling. Fold and carry crates are wire mesh construction. No tools are required to assemble these crates. They are perfect for the dog owner who wants a dog crate that is portable, but also very tough.Midwest Metals has been in business since 1921, so you you are buying from a company that stands the test of time. With an emphasis on quality, and with a broad array of crate/kennel options, Midwest has earned the loyalty of generations of pet owners. Whatever your budget and whatever your needs, we likely have a Midwest Dog Crate for you!