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If you have ever had a puppy or are planning on getting one, a dog crate is essential to helping them to feel safe and protected. It also helps with training, because if you have a puppy that has an indoor peeing problem, you’ll find they wont have the problem when they are in their crate. This helps you train them where and when to go. In a few short weeks, you’ll have your puppy trained well. Pet Mountain has crates for all size dogs and have the widest selection of any online provider. Choose from your favorite wire, precision, plastic folding crates, portable dog kennels, fold away crates and Petmate and Vari kennel crates.

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I could see the plastic tray breaking easily. And I understand that some dogs just chew up anything. My dog will shred any stuffed bed, the kind stuffed with that egg-crate foam liner. But she leaves the un stuffed ones with the bolster around the edges alone. So that's what I leave her alone with.

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Protects floors from pet accidents in the crate; Durable plastic for easy cleaning .. If you dog chews / destroys / eats the beds you put in there – then don’t put anything in there! I think we have that exact same crate and our lab mix will chew and eat any kind of bedding we put in there (and trust me – we tried finding super durable stuff – it’s not that durable). So now we don’t have anything but the plastic liner that the crate comes with and our dog doesn’t mind at all. We just give her a few chew toys and she’s good to go!

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How to Repair (and waterproof) a Cracked Plastic Crate Pan - Duct tape - Flex Seal liquid rubber spray (used to line leaking gutters). For a $10 investment, you … - saved and waterproofed your crate pan - created a non-slippery surface for your dog

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