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There are many kinds of dog crates, and which one you choose all depends on what the crate has to do. If you are taking a flight, the carrier must be airline approved. If you are going to the vet or somewhere else in a car, it has to have a seatbelt latch.

Giant Dog Crate Largest Pet Kennel Airline Approved Extra Large Travel Carrier

We recommend the for owners wanting an airline approved dog crate. It’s backed by many consumers who have successfully used this model on domestic and international flights. It also comes with extra bells and whistles like clippable food bowls and air travel stickers for the crate.

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cool Plastic Kennels Rolling Plastic Airline Approved Wire Door Travel Dog Crate This durable, airline-approved dog kennel offers a large plastic dog crate with plenty of bells and whistles: optimum ventilation, a safety lock, spring-loaded top door for easy-access petting, and a sure-grip handle for travel. This kennel meets airline regulations, and is also great for use in car, bus and train travel.

Top 5 Airline Approved Dog Crates and Folding Cages 2017 Review

Pros: They are great for airplane or car rides and for carrying around small dogs (as long as they are calm). Also, they are the lightest crate you can buy, making them easy to transport and move around. Finally, they fold down and can be easily stored when not in use. Many are airline approved for dogs traveling in the cabin.

Sky Kennels Dog Crates Internationally Approved for Airline Travel

Traveling with your dog or cat by air can be stressful, especially when they can't fly with you in the cabin. We've made a list of some important things for you to consider when flying with pets in cargo and our recommendations for the best pet crates and carriers for airline travel (iata approved)."> Approved on all major airlines. This dog travel crate has lots of ventilation, assembles in minutes and is suitable for for small dogs or cats up to 14 inches tall.