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Puppies, especially, should not be left in a crate for long periods of time (more than two hours). It is important that puppies not be neglected and forced to break their instinctive aversion to soiling their sleeping area. Unfortunately, this is what happens to many pet-store puppies and it can lead to serious house-training difficulties. Also, since they are still developing, puppies have even more need for social interaction than adult dogs. If they aren’t socialized to the world while they are young, they can develop fears and aberrant behaviors of many kinds.

The SL54DD Crate is a two door drop pin crate suitable for Great Danes and other dogs 110lbs+.

"I crate my two dogs together because they get along well" I've seen that this can work for short periods for adult dogs that get along well, but for longer periods or younger dogs it is best to get a second crate so that they can both be comfortable and not have any arguments in a tight space.

Can two dogs share a crate/kennel

Wooden dog kennels built for one and two dogs for indoor use. Check out our designer dog crate furniture and great dane kennels! * Can I carry two (2) dogs in a double cage and keep them separated from each other?
~ MIM Safe - Variocage includes a removable divider with all Double Model Cages. The divider is recommended for traveling with two (2) Dogs. The divider will partition the cage so you can travel safely with two (2) dogs ... one on each side. Also, when traveling with one dog, the other side if very useful for luggage, groceries, supplies, and materials storage. In the event of a crash, these objects will be contained and not present a hazard to occupants in the vehicle.

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* Can I carry more than two (2) dogs in a double cage and is it safe?
~ MIM Safe - Variocage Double Models have only been tested with two dog dummies. If you have smaller dogs you can transport them if they are all small enough to fit comfortably in a larger MIM Safe - Variocage. In fact, it is better that smaller dogs in a larger cage have les room to tumble around in in the event of a crash. Transporting two (2) smaller dogs in a larger cage is better than putting One (1) smaller dog in a larger cage. However, if you put a small terrier breed in a Double XXL Cage by itself, and have a crash, the potential for harm is greater. Again, a single dog in a smaller cage is better than a single dog in a larger cage. Our cages are not that big that it would work for more than two (2) of the larger breeds.

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