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The Proselect Empire range of crates represents an excellent mid-range option if you want a crate to house aggressive or dominant dogs. Primarily built from steel tubing this crate is incredibly robust and well-built with a resistant to clawing and biting as well as rusting from the elements. The ¾ inch frame is made from 20-gauge steel, and all stress points have been secured with heavy duty welding and the steel frame has been reinforced by steel tubing to give you one of the strongest dog crates on the market! The downside to a steel design is the weight.

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This will depend entirely on your dog’s personality as some dogs like their privacy, and some don’t like the dark. The design and material of the crate will determine its visibility as well as the brand you choose. Choosing the right crate can prevent crate anxiety for your furry four-legged friend. The level of visibility on a crate also determines how much ventilation your dog gets. The best brands in the heavy duty dog crate niche have 4-sided ventilation systems that ensure your dog is comfortable whether during travel or when left at home alone.
• Portability
This will be determined largely by the material of the crate and the brand. Materials like steel will make the crate heavier than other materials while the brand especially creators of heavy duty dog crates makes crates heavy enough to carry large dogs and breeds, but this makes them very heavy. Some brands make lightweight crates that can be used for travel as well. Features like wheels handle, and rolling coaster, as well as collapsible features, can also increase mobility, portability and storage convenience.

Heavy Duty Steel Dog Crates Welded Wire Construction 3 Yr

Heavy Duty Indestructible Escape-Proof Steel Dog Crate – Heavy Duty Pet Crates #dogcrate #indestructible #unescapable The next major consideration when choosing a heavy duty crate is . Will you be using the dog crate primarily at home – As a part of the furniture, or will you be using it to transport your dog on a camping trip? There are a few dog crates on the market today that is both heavy duty and collapsible making them ideal travel crates. If you are opting for a travel crate, then the best build material will be wood or aluminum for both strength and portability whereas a home crate is best made out of steel for maximum strength and value for money.

Heavy Duty Indestructible Escape-Proof Steel Dog Crate-Collapsible.

I really enjoy talking about the 3 year warranty and the construction of these Collapsible Heavy Duty welded steel wire dog crates because they are unmatched in the industry.

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