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If you’re planning to board your dog with us, we recommend that you bring them to our location for a visit before leaving them for a day or the weekend so they can get used to our facilities and our team. We provide a free, no-obligation tour of our facilities. To schedule a visit to our doggy daycare center, please contact us and let us know when we can expect you. We would love the opportunity to get to know you and your dog and show you both everything we have to offer!

Doggy Daycare and Spa was established in October 2000 and can proudly lay claim to being Mid-Michigan’s very first Doggy Daycare Center!

To schedule a tour of our doggy daycare center, please use our and let us know when we can expect you. We love showing potential new dogs and their parents all that Dogtopia has to offer, and we look forward to meeting you and your best friend.

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Doggie Daycare Center is the longest running day care facility in Columbus .. Founded in 2012, We saw a need for a new concept of Doggy Daycare & Boarding experience in Central Texas that was better than the rest! Happy Hounds Aquatic & Daycare Center is the result of our vision and hard work. We know that you will see our passion for all the dogs and we promise they will have the time of their life, it’s Kool to Drool!

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Dogtopia’s dog daycare center is built with your dog in mind, featuring climate-controlled play areas for the ultimate exercise experience, compressed rubber flooring that’s easy on the paws, and webcam access so you can easily check in on your happy pet from anywhere with an Internet connection.

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We have an effectively trained staff, incomparable to any facility around. This is due to the evolution of our Manners Program being conducted each day to secure safety, order, and establish hierarchy. Click on the video tab above and watch the first video called “Manners” to see what our Manners system looks like. It is very rare to find any doggy daycare center that allows toys, let alone the throwing of balls, frisbees, tug-a-war, etc. Here at Always Unleashed, we incorporate toys into our Manners Program. We do use alpha rolls (having dog submit on side) to keep the dogs safe and . Toys also help us test dogs responsiveness to the staff. Other places ban toys but we provide an abundance of them. Note: The majority of our toys are guaranteed by the manufacture to be indestructible. This helps keep intestinal tracts safe from accidental ingestion.A dog daycare business requires a location where owners can drop off their pets and where dogs can be housed during the day and overnight. According to Paws, the average cost of a commercial lease is $4,000 per month, but can run as low as $3,000 and as high as $7,000 per month. Lease amounts vary according to the size of the location, the features of the facility, etc. Dog daycare centers can be as small as 850 square feet. Warehouse spaces with access to an outside fenced-in yard allow dogs to play outside and take care of potty business. Otherwise, dogs must be walked at least two to three times a day. A small space may mean a lower lease, but it also limits the amount of dogs you can take at one time lowering the amount of money you can earn.