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As a concerned dog parent, you want to keep your dog’s teeth in great shape. After all, you visit your dentist for teeth cleanings twice a year and have probably wondered just how often you should take your dog in for dental work. But how much do dog teeth cleanings cost and what goes on in the treatment room?

Ranked in order of effectiveness, here are activities our dog dentists suggest for :

Did you know dental disease is the most common problem that affects dogs and cats? Professional animal dentists have donated their time to help pets in need at Best Friends.

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Ask your local board certified veterinary dentist about root canal options for your dog or cat: During the month of August our group of Board Certified Veterinary Dentists was proud to provide free oral health exams to service dogs through a program sponsored by the American Veterinary Dental College (AVDC). Through this program service dogs received oral health exams to help identify any areas of painful oral disease and the dog owners were given important information regarding proper oral care and education for preventing oral disease and keeping their service dog’s mouth healthy and pain free.

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Because veterinary patients rarely show any signs of pain with dental disease, it is fortunate that this dog’s face swelled up. Otherwise the painful infection would have gone unnoticed. While veterinary patients rarely show any obvious signs of dental disease, when painful dental problems are identified and treated appropriately, most owners report that their pets are acting better after treatment than before. An important point to consider is that very few abscessed teeth in veterinary patients ever have any associated swelling or drainage. For this reason, all fractured teeth, even those with very small fractures, should have dental x-rays taken to determine what treatment is required. If the teeth appear to be dead or infected inside, they should either be treated with root canal therapy or extracted. If the teeth appear to be alive, the fractured areas may be treated with bonded resin sealants to improve patient comfort and decrease the chance of future infection.

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Our veterinary practice specializes in the identification & treatment of oral disorders of the pets we love.
Dog Dentist & Cat Dentist vet specialist - pet teeth cleaning & oral care! A variety of products safe for pets are available in the marketplace. If you use a brush and a dentifrice, AVDC recommends pet-specific toothpastes. These come in flavors that dogs accept, such as poultry and seafood. Avoid human toothpastes as they often contain abrasives and high-foaming detergents that should not be swallowed or inhaled by dogs.

Toothbrushes designed for dogs are soft and angled to assist in brushing the back teeth. Some dogs prefer finger brushes. A variety of “dental wipes” containing different products are available. The single-use wipes are rubbed daily on the outside of the teeth to remove plaque.