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Although incontinence and dogs in heat are the two major reasons, dog trainers and vets recommend diapers for, but some pet owners also use dog diapers to house train their dogs. It helps them prevent the furniture and rugs from getting soiled when their pup has not yet been potty trained.

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If a dog went into heat in my care, I inform my client, buy and keep receipts for disposable dog diapers, keep the diapers on the dog. Every time you let the dog out, you need to put a new diaper on. Some dogs may need a 'cone' e collar. Keep all un-neutered males away.

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7. How to choose diapers for puppies, females in heat and incontinent elderly dogs t various stages in a dogs’ life, pet diapers could be extremely useful. These handy supplies help make transitions from one stage to another much easier. Doggy diapers are specifically designed for puppies undergoing housetraining, for senior dogs suffering from incontinence, for male dogs marking their territories, and for female dogs going into heat. Finding the best dog diapers may not be as easy as you think, but we've done the research for you.

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Originally invented for dogs after surgery, this suit also aids in treatment of skin conditions, covers wounds for better healing, aids light incontinence problems and is great for dogs in heat.
People often use doggie diapers during a dog’s heat cycle. I have been using one in the past for Mila either.
However, you probably know the following challenges: The diapers getting fixed around her hips, do not only cause Mila discomfort. She obviously just does not like the feeling of the diaper around her hips. As a result of her trying to get rid of that thing by rubbing against walls, curtains and chairs, not only is the house always a mess during this time. The diaper also becomes leaky every now and then, leaving spot on the floors and the couch.

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Did you cut a hole for the tail to go through? When my female dog was in heat, I used regular baby diapers for her. The tail hole really helps hold the diaper in place!DIY Dog Diaper: For females in heat! | Use a pair of women's underwear and attach a maxi pad inside. Depending if your dog has a docked tail or not, you can cut a hole for the tail. Use safety pins or rubber bands to tighten the underwear if they are too big for your dog. Works like a charm and eliminates having to buy diapers!