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Option 2: Non-surgical removal. If the bladder stones are very small it may be possible to pass a special catheter into the bladder and then flush the stones out, using a technique called urohydropropulsion. In some cases, this procedure may be performed with the dog under heavy sedation, although general anesthesia is often necessary. If your veterinarian has a cystoscope, small stones in the bladder can sometimes be removed with this instrument, thus avoiding the need to cut the abdomen and bladder open. Either of these procedures may be used to obtain a sample stone for analysis so that your veterinarian can determine if dietary dissolution is feasible.

feeding the dog a special diet that is formulated to dissolve bladder stone(s).

It is important to treat your pet's bladder stones to prevent recurrent, uncomfortable symptoms and urinary tract obstruction. If the stones are large and unlikely to plug or obstruct the urethra, medical management of stones using prescription specialty diets or home recipes may be tried. Many of these diets promote increased thirst, which encourages a more dilute urine that could potentially dissolve the stones. Special homemade recipes for dogs and cats are available, including those described in a book by Donald Strombeck, PHD. These diets are usually fed over 3-4 months. are often used during the treatment period for bladder stones as well, while waiting to see if the stones slowly dissolve.

May 30, 2011 - My dog has struvite bladder stones

Dog bladder stones are formed usually as a result of poor diet or metabolic dysfunction My now eleven year old Husky/Shepherd mix had a bladder stone surgically removed when she was about 4 years old. The prescription dog food the vet recommended was very, very expensive, more than I could afford. So, I looked in Dr. Pitcairn's book on natural health care for dogs and cats and bingo! I found the quick fix! Give 500 mg Vit C twice daily. That's been seven years ago and there's not been another problem at all - no bladder stones, no infections, and no dietary changes were needed for this to work. The stone that was removed seven years ago was the one and only stone she's ever had. However, the stone was not tested to determine type and I don't know if that could be a factor.

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So that's it: a simple system for treating and preventing and treating dog bladder stones: a healthy diet, a daily supplement and plenty of clean water and regular exercise. Take these steps and your dog will be healthy, happy and live a good, long life.

Dogs, like people, can develop a variety of bladder and kidney stones