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Garages are used for all kinds of things these days; from a place to store vehicles, to a play room for your children, to a work space for yourself. For homeowners with pets, your garage may be the way for your cat or dog to get in and out of your home. Constantly opening and closing your garage door for your pet can be cumbersome and dangerous. To accommodate the needs of pet owners, Arm-R-Lite now offers garage doors with pet doors for cats or dogs for safety and convenience. Pets will be able to let themselves in and out of your garage without needing to operate the garage door.

so what does the code book say about a dog door in the common wall to the garage?

Recent accounts make that case. On May 7, just days after former NFL linebacker Junior Seau’s suicide, a man squeezed through the dog door at his Oceanside home and walked out the garage door with a $500 bicycle, police Lt. Leonard Mata said.

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some folks have two dog doors: house to garage and then garage to outside. i have seen several in my nabe... LOL, you're right of course. But I do actually live that way most of the year. If I'm home and it's not too cold, the garage door is open. My wife can't stand having the inside door open for a variety of reasons. While I don't have a doggie door, the amount I open and close the inside one for the dog has had me thinking about adding one. I don't want one directly to the outside for the reason AndyC mentioned. (Though racoons is only one small concern. )

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What usually happens is a regular door is installed between the house and garage. The house is inspected and permits signed off. Then the dog door is installed. What the inspector doesn't know about he is unlikely to complain about. This won't make the fire department any happier or you any safer and I don't advocate the method but it does happen. I have seen it done two or three times.

Pet doors are a wonderful convenience