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Doors with plastic flaps work well for cats and small dogs, but are not recommended for energetic breeds such as terriers and herding dogs, or large and powerful dogs. Charging through at full speed wears plastic flaps out, and the door will require service often.

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Our Original Plastic Pet Door was developed with your Ideal Pet’s safety and sense of adventure in mind. With fast and easy installation, it’s the most convenient and reliable dog door around!

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The Large PetSafe Plastic Dog Door is the best in affordable pet doors New Style Replacement Flap for the Plastic Frame Dog Door Pet Door. We sell the new style Plastic Dog Door. New style is NOT compatible with old style. *Please check if the flap is “Old Style” or “New Style”

Features Include:

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Yes, many pet doors are appropriate for installation in walls to give pets access to the yard, a garage or adjoining rooms to reach food, a litter box, and so on. Things to consider when choosing a wall mount dog door are: tunnel material (aluminum or plastic) and water intrusion into the tunnel (and into your house wall) if it's more than one piece.

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Plastic flaps are low cost. They're made from PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) and generally mounted on a plastic frame. These doors last for about five years for cats and between two and five years for smaller dogs. Give your pet the continuing freedom it deserves and the security you deserve with these replacement flaps for our large plastic doggie doors. These replacement flaps are for our Havahart Plastic Pet Doors, our top-of-the-line doggie doors, which come in a variety of opening sizes for any size cat or dog. They have a magnetic energy seal. These individual replacement PVC flaps allow you to replace only the flap and not the whole unit. This replacement flap goes with our #7112 Large Plastic doggie doors. (These doggie doors accommodate door widths from 7/8 inches to 2-1/4 inches.). The small doggie doors and replacement flaps are for pets 7-15 lbs. Our medium doggie doors and replacement flaps are for pets up to 40 lbs., and our large doggie doors and replacement flaps accommodate pets up to 100 lbs. Havahart plastic replacement flaps for our doggie doors are recommended for indoor applications or outdoor access to covered areas, as well as outdoor applications for temperate climates. They are suited for low to medium usage. Allow your pets the freedom to enter and exit on their own with our doggie doors and replacement flaps. This durable Plastic Pet Door gives you and your furry pal the independence you both deserve. The frame is paintable to match any decor and a snap-on closing panel is included to use during those times when you do not want your pet to use the pet door or during inclement weather. The soft, flexible tinted flap is safe and easy for your dog to push open so he can let himself out – and back in. For better weather insulation, the magnetic strip at the bottom of the flap keeps the flap closed when your pet's not using the door.• Suitable for medium to extra large size dogs weighing up to 95 pounds
• Durable plastic frame with silent action transparent door flap and sturdy metal …