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New Style Replacement Flap for the Plastic Frame Dog Door Pet Door. We sell the new style Plastic Dog Door. New style is NOT compatible with old style. *Please check if the flap is “Old Style” or “New Style”

Features Include:

Extra Large Dog Door Replacement Flap - PAC11-11040

I have an older dog door that I have bought several replacement flaps for in the past. When I needed to replace the frame, I expected a drop-in fit. I had to modify the frame slightly and then drill new holes to get it installed. Either the frame changed slightly or I ordered the wrong one... It all worked out in the end

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Plastic Frame Dog Door Replacement Flap - Active Dogs A broken flap in your dog door can create a hassle by allowing other things through the door. It could allow the elements into your home, wasting valuable energy. It could also permit neighborhood dogs, cats, or other pests into the house. Fortunately, many dog doors are designed with flap replacement in mind.

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At FlexPetz, we want to provide you with everything you need in order to take care of your pets. That is why we carry PetSafe replacement flaps for your pet doors. PetSafe dog door replacement flaps are designed to be easy to install and are very economically priced.

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If you need a replacement flap for any dog door or cat door, locking cover, or other pet door part, it is vital that you order the correct brand. Most parts are not interchangeable between brands or models from the same manufacturer even if the dimensions seem to match. Use dimensions to select the correct size within the brand only after the brand has been established. The one exception to this is the Pride which can replace the Johnson or PetSafe Ultimate doors.UV retardant prevents cracking and wrinkling in the sun. The sun’s rays are very harsh and will produce a yellowing effect on vinyl flaps. Besides yellowing, vinyl is weakened by prolonged exposure to ultra-violet, which may cause the doggy door flap to warp in size, or harden and ‘chip’ away. This in turn causes the consumer to buy replacement flaps on a frequent basis.