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is just around the corner, which means it’s the best excuse of the year to play dress-up with your . In fact, seeing our furry friends in costume have become one of our favorite parts of the spooky holiday—who can say no to a superhero-costumed dog? Of course, while our photogenic pets might not be as excited about their new outfits as we are, it’s important that their adorable ensembles are safe and comfortable for them to wear. If you need help figuring out how to dress up your pet this year, or just want to gush over adorable costumed animals, keep reading for our round up of eight fantastic you (and hopefully your pet) will love.

20 Ways to Dress Up Your Dog This Halloween. Halloween costume ideas for your favorite pet.

There is evidence from ancient Egypt that people were using decorative to adorn their . One collar was discovered in the of the ancient Egyptian nobleman Maiharpiri in 1440 BC. It depicts hunting scenes embossed into . The dog's name, Tantanouit, is visible on the collar. He was a favorite dog of the nobleman who he wished to bring over into the afterlife with him. There are also , , and decorative dog collars from the time of which were used to represent how many battles the dog survived. During the dogs were seen as objects of possession and thus collars were fitted with where only the owner of the dog had the key. Nobility and the upper class have been decorating their canine companions for centuries and there is photographic evidence from 1900 of people dressing their dogs in human costumes. These black and white photographs from 1900 are of dressed in clothing.

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20 Ways to Dress Up Your Dog This Halloween. Halloween costume ideas for your favorite pet. With this costume, you can dress up as the and your dogs get to sport these amazing Thing One and Thing Two shirts. If you only have one dog, and have your dog wear the Thing Two tee. There are lots of amazing and entertaining options.

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Halloween Dog Costumes, Halloween Large Dog Costumes, Halloween Small Dog CostumesIt's that time of year again, where all of the goblins, tigers and dogs come out to play and I literally mean play! Hallloween is always a fun time to dress up and make play make believe as an adult, so image how your small dog or big dog feels when they are left out of all of the fun.Since I know that you are obviously a good owner because you have found our website by looking for Halloween dog costumes, I think it is safe to assume that your dog will not be left out of the Halloween festivities this year.In keeping up with the tradition, there are plenty of great Halloween large dog costumes and Halloween small dog costumes available right here on Bad Ass Petz. From adorable, frilly girly dog costumes to rough and tough biker dog costumes. We have every personality and fantasy covered all in one place.So take some time and browse our collection of Halloween dog costumes below to find a costume that will make all of the dogs jealous and the owners envious of.

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