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So until you figure out your doggie's problem, then I suggest keeping a clean bowl of water outside and take her out several times a day to let her drink out there. I bet it doesn't have be rain water. Just fill up a bowl with hose water. Or water from the faucet in the house.

I think the reason dogsdrink out of the same bowl has a lot to do with pack pecking order.

If you suspect your pup is overheating, grab a and keep it halfway full in your yard, giving your dog the option to cool himself off when he needs to. Sometimes, keeping your dog cool can stop the sloppy drinking and digging at the bowl altogether.

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Dogs will drink from toilet bowls and puddles if their water bowl is dirty or empty. I am a single dog household, but if you have a dog who roams the house all day and/or have a multiple dog household, consider spacing out multiple water bowls throughout the house (a few different rooms, floors) for easy access. Dogs may spill the water, one dog may drink more, and you want to ensure access to water is there, especially if you aren’t. Toss old bowls out as they wear and replace with new ones.

Both dogs drink out the of same bowl for some unknown reason

Ceramic bowls are generally safe for your canine companion. The most important factor in choosing a quality ceramic bowl is the glaze. A ceramic bowl should have a lead-free glaze and be labeled as safe for food. Ideally, the entire bowl will be glazed, and not just the eating or drinking surface. With a quality glaze, a ceramic bowl will be easy to clean. Ceramic bowls are generally easy for dogs to use. The heavy bowls are hard to tip over or pick up, so ceramic is a great choice for an exuberant eater.

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