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Using an eyedropper, place several drops in your dog's ear canal. Gently fold his earflap over the opening in his ear and massage the area to ensure that the vinegar saturates all of the ear's surfaces. Make sure the vinegar does not get into your dog's eyes, which can cause pain and irritation. Allow your dog to shake his head, which will empty most of the vinegar from his ear canal. Clean the ear with a cotton swab to dry any residual vinegar and remove wax and debris. Perform this type of routine cleaning weekly or as often as your vet recommends. Many dogs dread having their ears cleaned, so end each cleaning session by praising your pup and providing him with a treat.

In some cases, if the ear wax is deeper in the ear canal, the dog may also experience pain.

The results of the otoscopic and microscopic examination usually determine the diagnosis and course of treatment. If there is a foreign body, wax plug or parasite lodged in the ear canal, it will be removed. Some dogs must be sedated for this, or to allow a thorough ear flushing and cleaning. Microscopic study of debris from the ear canal helps determine which drug to use. Many dogs will have more than one type of infection present (e.g., a bacterium and a fungus, or two kinds of bacteria). This situation usually requires the use of multiple medications or a broad-spectrum medication.

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My dog has floppy ears and they're filled with wax! Is this safe for him? Cleaning your dog’s ears is fairly simple and can be demonstrated in detail by a vet or groomer so that you can learn to do it yourself. However, often plucking the hair that grows into the ear canal is necessary and if you aren’t comfortable taking a pair of tweezers to your dog’s ear it is best that you turn this task over to a professional. When discussing ear care with your vet or groomer, you will also want to ask what they consider the best canine ear cleaner to prevent bacteria, prevent infection and promote ear wax removal. Most groomers and vets advise an ear flush anytime your dog is bathed or goes swimming. The acid base will help dry water in the ear canal to prevent your dog from suffering from “swimmers ear.”

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For the exterior canal (the visible part) of your dog’s ear, you can simply swab the area with a cotton ball soaked in ear cleaner or basic soap and water. Never delve deeply into your dog’s ear canal with a cotton swab or other long instrument; you could cause your dog severe pain and injury if you don’t know what you are doing. If you suspect a deeply embedded irritant or clump of wax, take your dog to a professional.

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6. Place the cotton ball in your dog's ear and gently rub up and down. This part of the ear cleaning process will remove a significant portion of the ear wax from the ear.But my friend told me that I can clean my dog’s ear wax with hydrogen peroxide. I never cleaned his ears with it so I don’t know is it OK to do this or not?