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Here we discuss some basic enrichment tools that engage the dog’s senses of touch and taste. Chew toys are important for both puppies and adult dogs. Providing all dogs with good “chew” habits early on will help prevent chewing on unacceptable objects. Food toys provide an oral outlet along with mental stimulation while the dog works for his meals.

These Dog Enrichment Toys are filled with treats which fall out as your dog rolls the toy.

Michael Baugh CDBC CPDT-KSA Feeding our dogs from enrichment toys, toys that dispense food, can actually make them smarter. It definitely seems to make them happy. Puzzling out the food inspires activity and thought. A lot of trainers liken it to the …

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Interactive dog toys (also called enrichment dog toys) are created to serve a specific purpose and to provide a unique challenge for your dog. Though she has no formal training in the subject, Ottosson says she has always been interested in design. Before venturing into dog enrichment toys, she had a textile business in addition to her “day job” as a nurse at a local hospital. She continued to work as a nurse until Zoo Active was established; now, conceptualizing and developing dog toys is her full-time occupation.

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Jack's owners said the same thing that 99.9% of all owners say when I begin to talk about enrichment: "My dog has lots of toys." And I always say the same thing: "I'm sure he does. However he has slobbered, torn up, and rolled around with every single one of them already so they're not very interesting anymore."

How to make Dog Enrichment Toys out of PVC pipe.

Interactive dog toys -- or enrichment dog toys -- are created to serve a specific purpose and to provide a unique challenge for your dog. They have some really unique features to keep your dog's interest high -- so he's having fun for hours on end! Here are the best ones...Remember to always supervise your pet so you know he can play safely with a new item. Rotating toys and activities will keep them fresh and fun. Enrichment activities only take a few moments so spoil your dog today!Pets are a multi-billion dollar industry. We love to spoil our dogs with treats, toys, and even sweaters. Easy enrichment activities can also improve their quality of life with variety and mental stimulation. You may like to know that enrichment activities are based on research in the field of Animal Behavioral Science but your dog will only know that enrichment activities are fun! Enrichment activities reduce stress, end boredom, and provide a chance for you to bond with your pet. The goal is to offer the dog the opportunity to think and use his mind.Variety is key to the success of enrichment, and is itself enriching. Modest but pleasant changes in the dog's environment help prevent dogs from becoming at-risk behaviorally during their stay at the shelter. Mackenzie's varies the scents, music, and toys daily, and would do it more frequently if they had a larger staff.