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If you decide to switch from regular dog food bowls to using elevated feeders for your dog, it is important to select a raised bowl at the correct height. Measuring is key.

Elevated feeders definitely discourage dogs from turning their water source into a pool.

This is not just a convenient tool, but a necessity for dogs with neck or back problems as the elevated feeders simplify swallowing for pets. In addition, the bowl stands reduce gulping, choking, gagging and will eliminate excessive air intake.

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If there’s one topic that can really get us going, it’s probably the issue surrounding elevated feeders for dogs. Veterinarians used to recommend elevated feeders for giant breed and barrel chested dogs to help prevent deadly bloat. Bloat occurs when a dog eats a large amount of food at a rapid rate causing the stomach to flip and become contorted. In recent years, studies have found that using elevated feeders in breeds who are already predisposed to bloat can actually increase their risk of developing this deadly condition. Raised feeders do still have several benefits for dogs, but it is important to determine if this type of bowl is right for you and your pet.

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It may not seem like much, but ordinary dog food and water bowls can actually have a huge impact on your pooch's health. Most larger dogs have to continuously angle their necks downward to reach the bowl, which over the years puts strain on their necks and backs that can lead to pain later in life. Providing your dog with a raised feeder eliminates this problem, allowing him or her to feed and drink at a comfortable level that maintains a correct posture at all times. Additionally, eating at a proper height helps aid your pet's digestion, reducing the chance of bloating, obesity and digestive tract issues. We are proud to carry a wide selection of these ingenious yet simple products that can provide immense benefits to the life of every dog and dog owner.

Pet Mountain's Elevated Dog Feeder store features top quality products from the most trusted names in dog feeding and care, including Spot, OurPets, and JW Pet Company. The is a beautifully crafted dinner table for your dogs. Posture Pro Double Diners are built to help maintain a perfect posture through your pet's life and adjust to multiple heights. The legs are very sturdy and feature non-skid bottoms to eliminate spillage. The features an elegantly crafted scroll work design with a beautiful black powder coat finish that will compliment any home decor. Raised elevation allows your pet to eat at a proper height and allows for better digestion. Comes with two removable stainless steel dishes for easy cleaning. No tools required! The is hand crafted in design with a beautiful black powder coat on the stand that will compliment any home decor. The stainless steel bowl can be used for food or water. The raised elevation allows pets to eat at proper height & aids digestion.

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