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We have purchased this product ( Perimeter Wire Free WiFi Fence ) for our dog.
Setting up is not that bad once you get the hang of how to do it, did not like the fact that the boundary is in a circle which went into our front yard, but we managed. For the first week we thought it was pretty good, our dog would hear the beep and run on the back deck, as long as he was on a leash he would respond. The first time we took him off the leash he ran right through the boundary and got shocked but kept running. We knew we had more training to do with him. After 2 weeks the unit would not even shock him and the batteries would not keep a charge, so we sent it back and recieved a new system. We have had the new system for a week and a half now and the new system is not working now. It beeps, charges the batteries but does not shock him, he has even went past the boundary with the colar beeping a just laid down. I have just contacted the company for a full refund. I can not see spending $300.00 for this product and have noting but problems and not working for us. I am looking now for another way to find something else for our dog. I have been reading many reviews on different products wire less and wire fences, only to see many bad reviews with the same problem I am having with this product ! Might just save up for a fence atleast I know that to work ! This product is not worth the money just a bunch of headache.

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I live in a trailer with aluminum siding. My dog has also never been trained on a wireless fence, and she’s very hard headed when it comes to training. There are also two trees in the middle of our yard. I ordered the Petsafe Stubborn Dog system, then changed over to this wireless system when I saw how easy the installation was. But reading the review now I’m worried that it wont work. I could put the unit outside, but cold weather can range from -10 to 30 this time of the year. Should I cancel my order and change back to the wired system?

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Check out the comprehensive PetSafe® Stubborn Dog In-ground Fence review . We’ve tried to come up with some wireless dog fence reviews which will hopefully help you choose the right one. We liked several of them that are offered on the market. It’s an amazing thing because it will create a “safe zone” for your canine and without any harm make him learn where the boundaries are. We have actually included reviews of both wireless and in ground electric pet fences and explained pros and cons of using either of them. You can find a nice compare table above which is outlining all main features so you can easily spot the differences and check the prices. Furthermore, you will find more details about each of the fences, and lot more interesting stuff! Have fun finding one that is most suitable for your needs.

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I live on a rectangular lot that is about 3/4 an acre. I only want my dog to be let into my backyard. She is an extremely hyper 7 month old Lab. We have two very violent dogs that live next to us that have attacked and killed 2 dogs previously. I do not want a wire fence but I’m having trouble finding the right kind of electric fence. My yard is on a hill and I have a few trees in the backyard. What kind of fence should I use?

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