Hawaii dog food startup takes top prize in business plan competition

The founders of Canine Kitchen, a Hawaii startup formally known as Whole Dog Foods Hawaii that provides fresh daily meals for dogs, took the top prize at the University of Hawaii’s 2016 Pace Asian Center for Entrepreneurship Business Plan Competition.

Farm Fresh Ingredients, from field to bowl is what makes Nutro Farm's Harvest dog food stand out among the competition, ...

The French anti-trust body, Autorite de la concurrence, said the three companies will be fined for “limiting competition on the markets for dry food for dogs and cats in specialized retailers” in France between 2004 and 2008.

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Coming at us with another visual this summer, watch  eat up the competition in his latest video for “Dog Food.” It's hard to find a quality dog food on the shelves of a supermarket or warehouse store, but Kirkland dry dog food (sold primarily at Costco) comes pretty close. It has an above-average meat content compared to its supermarket competition and, while the dog food is not grain-free, it mostly avoids the use of lower-quality grains.

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The importance of Fiber in a competition diet is often overlooked. Caribou Creek Gold uses Beet Pulp as its primary fiber source and Psyllium for its soluble fiber properties that complement this great dog food and literally helps to “hold things together” under the stress of competition.

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Feed dry with plenty of water available at all times. Formax Competition Dog Food can be fed free choice or fed according to the chart below. Puppies should be fed several times daily from weaning until 8-10 weeks of age, gradually reducing the number of feedings over time. Puppies from 8-10 weeks until 6 months of age should be fed twice daily. A single feeding is appropriate for most puppies from 6 months until fully grown. Consult your veterinarian for specific advice. For the last 15 years, top competitors in all sports, from sled dog racing to dock diving, have trusted Redpaw® PowerEdge™ to help their dogs reach the top levels of competition. Today, we continue to put profits back into thecompany, keeping Redpaw’s® mission true...to provide a high-quality premium performance dog food to every canine possible.ROCKVILLE, Md. (PRWEB) — Packaged Facts estimates U.S. retail sales of pet food (including dogs, cats, and other pets) at $20.0 billion in 2013, recovering from their recessionary slump with a 4.5% increase over 2011 sales. Even so, with volume sales relatively flat, competition for every pet food dollar has never been more intense, according to “Pet Food in the U.S., 10th Edition”, a just-released report from Packaged Facts.While Orijen is the cream of the crop, is another major contender in the world of all-natural healthy dog foods. A company that offers both dog and cat foods in a variety of types, Blue Buffalo also works hard to maintain a high-quality nutrition philosophy that emphasizes natural ingredients and holistic nutrition. Given these principles, it’s easy to see just how much it provides competition for Orijen’s already high-quality products.