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I don't worry much about treats, since they're such a small part of the diet. There are no foods that you have to avoid for dogs with kidney disease -- the goal is to reduce phosphorus levels, but again, if treats are a small part of the diet, the amount of phosphorus in them would not be significant. You might want to avoid things like dried liver for that reason, though very small amounts would be fine. I would also avoid chicken jerky treats and all other dehydrated treats (duck, sweet potato) imported from China, due to fears of potential contamination -- see my web page for more information on this topic. offers low-phosphorus, gluten-free treats, but again, they're not really necessary.

Big name dog food brands make kibble especially formulated for dogs with kidney disease ..

Also consider adding a whole food B and C vitamin to the diet. These two vitamins are “water soluble” and because of the excessive urination can become depleted if not supplemented. I use Standard Process Cataplex B and C. I also give Audrey a whole food multi as a precaution. I use Standard Process Catalyn. Standard Process also makes a whole food supplement specifically for dogs with kidney disease. It’s called Canine Renal Support — I HIGHLY recommend using it. I also give liver support also by Standard Process — Canine Hepatic Support. The liver can become overstressed in a kd dog.

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Dec 6, 2016 - Before changing your dog's diet you'll need to speak with your vet. This homemade dog food for kidney disease recipe is a good starting point. Limit phosphorus. Reducing levels of phosphorus has been proven to slow the progression of kidney disease in dogs. For dogs with advanced kidney failure, no more than 10 mg per lb. of body weight should be fed to the dog. In early stages, phosphorus levels can be as high as 30 mg per lb. Foods with the highest levels of phosphorus include bones, fish with bones, egg yolks, dairy products and organ meats. Do not completely eliminate these foods from your dog's diet, but do limit your dog's intake.

Learn what kidney disease is in dogs and what can cause it

My mom's dog was recently (about 2 months ago) diagnosed with elevated protein levels in her urine. Her vet said her kidneys were weakening and/or she was beginning to develop a kidney disease. I don't have the levels from the test. But further urine test apparently confirmed her diagnosis.

Her vet put her on Enalapril 5mg and gave her Hills KD canned for the diet.

I know there is a lot of controversy about a low protein diet for kidney issues. I don't agree with it and believe the problems come from the cooked foods. But everyone seems to look to their vet for nutritional information when I also know that most of them have had little to know nutritional training. Holistic vets are the exception.

From my research I told her the best diet would be a high quality raw food diet. This I believe would put the less stress on the kidneys.

Her not wanting to do raw yet led me to a recipe that I found in a reference book at our store from . The kidney recipe he recommends is hamburger, rice, eggs, carrots, a little garlic, b complex, C, safflower oil, salt and calcium.
This upped her protien to 17% and fat to 25%.

She stopped eating the KD food and when I introduced this food, she ate it great. After a couple days she's not so interested. My mom has to add something, NV's Boost, baby food, cottage cheese or something to get her to eat it now.

She doesn't know what's best and needs a little more guidance as for diet and/or any supplements.
We are asking for any recommended diets, supplements, or suggestions as to what we need to do for her long term.

She is open to a raw food diet if you suggest this to be the best thing for her.

We do carry several raw foods for dogs, one is about 95% protein and 5% veggies and the other is 80% with 20% veggies. Both have bone and organ meat ground up in them.

We are also looking for what variety of proteins she might have so to keep her interested in eating.

Her dog is a 14 y/o dachshund who has been healthy most of her life. A few teeth issues.
She has a few fatty lumpy tumors that the vet is just leaving alone. Her weight is good and her activity is good.

My wife and I own a natural pet food store so she has been eating only premium pet foods and some homemade. We haven't been able to convert her to a raw food diet as of yet.

She mostly gets grain free canned food, a little homemade that consist of ground turkey, oatmeal and some veggies. She gets a few grain free kibble bits on top.

She gets enzymes and probiotics on every meal, a fish pill and some greens.

I have no photo's of her with me but she is a standard looking black and tan dachshund.

Thank you for your help.

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