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My ACD mix whom I rescued last summer was not doing good on iams at all. She was constantly sick. I researched higher quality food and found most to be way outside of my price range (in college). I talked to her trainer though and she mentioned that Authority would be a wonderful choice because it’s close to the price of iams, but better quality. We put her on the grain free form and she has not been sick one time since. Love this food! I even convinced my parents to feed the senior formula to our eleven year old kelpie instead of the Purina “Be Happy” aka “Corn corn and more corn”. Both dogs look and act happier.

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I have two golden retrievers. One I raised from a puppy and is a registered therapy dog. She does well on either grain-free or not. The other dog is one I rescued and was told by her previous owners that she needed a no wheat, no corn, no soy dog food. I have tried her on both -no grain and with grain and here are the results. After eating anything (dog food, bread crust, etc.) with corn, wheat, or soy, she has diarrhea for 1-2 days. If she eats grain free, she has NO PROBLEMS. Now we feed both dogs only dog food or treats that are grain free. SO I recommend trying both and see what works best for your dog.

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WysongWysong EpigenEpigen 90Starch FreeConventional Dog Food… Changed Forever Is this safe dog food? I’ve been searching for some time now I had my dogs on Pedigree (I never realized the garbage I was feeding them) and after almost losing my baby I will never feed them that again!! I have them on Nutro Ultra but I’ve seen some horror stories online and after knowing of a friend who had her dogs on Nutro and all 5 of them would not stop throwing up I am now determined to find yet again another dog food. This is what my co work vet tech feeds hers dogs but I don’t like that its not entirely made in America. I feel at a loss I do not want to feed my dogs anything that has been recalled before either. If it helps I have an Australian Shepherd a Chorkie and Yorkie(the one I almost lost) she seems to have really bad allergies also thats why I’m looking for grain free. If anyone could please help!!! Also thank you for this extremely helpful website.

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I have a 4 month old Sibe and when I got her she was on Royal Canine which gave her diarrhea. I switched her to Pedigree which probably wasn’t the best thing to do but I needed to get her off that food and onto something that wouldn’t give her the runs till I found something better. I now have her on Authority Grain Free shed only been getting a fourth of it so far as I’m switching her but even just that fourth has her stools perfect. Once fully switched if all goes well and she likes it, she’ll be an Authority dog for life!

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