Purina Little Bites Dog Food 16.5 lb

DO NOT FEED YOUR DOG THIS FOOD! My friend’s dog got very ill! Several trips to the vet. She was throwing up and could not poop…she almost died! She had bowel obstruction due to hair in her stomach. Purina Dog Chow Little Bites contains hair!!! We inspected the food and we saw it. I took her to get a different brand. Also when the store’s manager was loading the dog food isle, we told him what was going on. He decided to open a bag and BAM! Hair in every piece!!! Do not feed your dog this food!

Judging by its ingredients alone, Purina Little Bites Dog Food looks to be a below-average dry product.

I love this specific variety of Purina dog food because its tailored for our dog. She is a small breed dog and an older dog with brittle teeth so the small bite sized pieces are perfect for her. She has actually choked on other brands and that's scary and not something we ever have to worry about again, thanks to Purina Little Bites. The food is dry and that is essential as wet dog foods carry less nutrition and can cause digestion problems or stomach irritability. Our dog will get instant diarrhea from wet dog food so dry food is a must for her.

Quality of Ingredients
While I think this variety of Purina does not include organic/more heartier and healthier ingredients as others, it is still nutritionally balanced for our specific dog.

Flavor Selection
No varieties of flavors to choose from like some of the other Purina dog foods but the our dog likes the flavors that are in Purina Little Bites so it's not that big of a deal for us.

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Little Bites Dry Dog Food Thank you for this review! I decided to try this brand about tow weeks ago, after my supplier insisted that it is as good as as acana dry food. So far my two dogs seem to enjoy it but considering the the relatively low protein content (relative to acana/orijen) and the average price, I would probably go back to acana next time.
Since their is no indication of calories/kg on the bag or on the web site, I’ve emailed the manufacturer and got this numbers back:
The Original and Little Bites formula have 418 Kcal/Cup 3678/kg
The Lite formula has 385 Kcal/Cup 3394/kg
The Lamb & Brown Rice formula has 365 Kcal/cup 3213/kg
Comparing These numbers with those of th better quality foods clearly shows that it is cheaper to feed the better quality food.

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I have been feeding and selling Vets Choice for a while now and my results are remarkable. I show various toy breeds and the small bites are always received well. I also have a not for profit rescue for mainly small breeds and when the kibble is too small for some of the dogs they always enjoy the original. The lite is 50% less fat but the dogs still enjoy the taste. This is extremely important as I am also a groomer and alot of my clients are a little chubby. My customers are amazed at the small stools and the fact that it doesn’t smell up the house if the dog has an accident or potties on pads.
My only complaint is it is difficult to find for some of my clients that have moved too far from me to purchase. I will ship but most people wait till the last minute to realize that they are out of food. We need to get this food in more stores so that all dog and cat owners can relax about their pets nutrition.

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