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Went to the store – got new food (Taste of the Wild Southwest Canyon – 5 star rating from this website….. All four dogs DEVOURED the new food like they were starving, and were COMPLETELY better in less than 48 hours.

This is a website that rates dog foods so you can be sure you are buying quality food.

This is where dog food ratings websites starting popping up after someone realized that pet owners need help with the research process. Some of those websites are truly helpful and useful for us, and some not so much.

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Each dog food on our website is rated based upon comparison with other products in its own relevant category. Hi Richard J Beard… Unfortunately, I have never found any peer reviewed scientific studies proving potatoes are any healthier for dogs than grains (or vice versa). Most grain free foods on this website don’t get their higher ratings because they’re grain free but rather they’re typically higher in meat-based protein.

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I used the calculator on this website. You put in the calcium, phosphorus and calorie numbers and it gives you the ratio. I was just going by the numbers dog food advisor lists on their article with the calculator.

American Journey Grain Free Dog Food | Review | Rating | Recalls

I do know that but you are a great disservice to everyone that depend on your ratings. It is like saying that we give this dog food 5 stars even though the company has had multiple recalls that could kill your loved one. I might have to rethink being part of this website if they don’t want to be as caring as my vet or the owner of ruffing it here in colorado springs that have warned me better and actually do not recommend these so called 4 or 5 star products that have killed our furry friends. I feed my dogs all 5 star rated food. KS Mature was an exception at 4.5 stars because the price is so amazing and I trust this website and Costco. I fed my dog Nutro for the first 7 years of his life. I got on this website and saw that it was (at the time) rated 1 star, so i chose to switch his food to a 5 star. Two months later he was losing hair and had scabs. Not thinking it was the food since it was 2 months later, we took him to the vet. After three rounds of antibiotics and steroids, plus changing his food to another 5 star rated food, there was no improvement after 10 months. I switched back to Nutro and problem solved. Moral: Ratings on this website are based their holistic characteristics of the food. If your dog is doing well on his food, DO NOT SWITCH.I have 4 dogs my Saint Bernard and basset hound have major allergies to it seems everything. My food recommendation is Nutrisca I feed my bunch the salmon and chickpea recipe. We’ve tried so many different brands and recipes it’s really quite ridiculous. Then I came across Nutrisca on my favorite website ever for buying anything animal related and everything else is history. All the skin issues, diarrhea, excessive licking, yeast infections, ear infections all of it gone!! On top of all of my personal review of Nutrisca it’s rated a 5 star food on here (dog food advisor) you’ve got nothing to lose and your fur baby has everything to gain!!