Elevated (raised) dog feeders let your dog feed at the perfect height

It comes complete with two metal dishes, but you can take one out and put a water bottle into the notch on one side to create a self-watering system, though this makes feeding time a bit more complicated. You could also use the storage for things other than food, such as toys, but then you’d need to combine it with something else on this list. Putting the top back on can be a little bit difficult — the grooves don’t always line up as they should. On the whole, though, this is an efficient little unit. It comes in two sizes to address the height of most dogs.

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Long term storage at home isn’t the only reason you’d want to store food for your pet. Day trips and mini excursions call for specialized food storage solutions, and this is a unique one. This Pet Box is a combination of a feeding tray with two sections that hold two cups of food or 12 ounces of water and a 70 ounce water jug. You could fill both sections with food for a total of four cups, which will store perfectly when attached to the jug. At feeding time, detach the water jug, let your dog eat, and then fill the bowls with water. Great for hikes and camping. At the time of this writing, the red color is less than half the price of the other colors for some reason, but blue, yellow, and beige are available if you don’t mind paying more.

As low as $21.24 · Iris Elevated Feeder With Airtight Storage.

Dog food storage and feeder DIY pet feeding station out of an old dresser. Dogs on bottom, cats on top, plenty of storage. ....this is kind of awesome, we could do just the cats on top and all the pet equipment in the drawers with a slightly lower dresser so the cat food can't be reached by the baby.

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I like the idea of this dog feeder. Not only because of it’s stylish design and the fact that raised bowls are better for your dogs. I like it that it comes with a drawer underneath that you can store food, treats or your dog’s toys. An especially nice feature for dog lovers with limited space.

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