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Let’s back up for a moment. Did you know that dogs can develop allergies to proteins in their food? When dogs develop food allergies, it’s often developed in response to a protein that a dog has already been exposed to (like chicken or beef). If this happens, you need to provide your pup with a different, novel protein source. Because your dog has probably not eaten kangaroo meat before, he is unlikely to experience an allergic reaction to it.


Kangaroo is used as the single animal protein source, providing an uncommon protein option for dogs who cannot tolerate typical pet food choices. Red and green lentils and peas are included to provide unique carbohydrate sources with low glycemic indexes, along with sunflower oil and flaxseed which supply essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids for skin and coat health. The formula is grain free and potato free, making it a great option for pets who do better on a limited ingredient diet.

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Zignature Kangaroo Formula Dry Dog Food is made with quality Kangaroo meat from Australia Smart owners need to be discerning about what dog food they buy for their four-legged family members – marketing around dog food can be misleading, and you don’t want to just click on the first dog food you see with a picture of a kangaroo on the bag.

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Lean muscles are known to burn more calories than fat. Hence with CLA, your pet may stay leaner and will be more capable of burning any excess energy. A leaner body mass also means a lower fat percentage and a healthy weight, resulting in lower possibilities of contracting heart-related illness like coronary heart disease. Introducing a crowd favourite in our holistic dog food range: Wild Kangaroo & Apples (with CLA)

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Itching, scratching, patches of hair missing, digestive upset, recurrent ear infections, oily fur, chewing on paws..what do all of these have in common? They all can be signs of a food allergy or a food intolerance. If you suspect your dog has a food allergy, one of the easiest ways to fix things is to try a food with a novel protein. A novel protein is any protein that is relatively uncommon. Novel proteins range from the more common venison meat to highly unusual meats like wild brushtail and kangaroo. Dogs who have not eaten these meats before often do really well on them because their systems have not developed an intolerance or an allergy to them.I asked my vet if she could please check into the 8 kg bag of Rayne Clinical Nutrition dog food (the first time we’re had that larger bag size), as I had noticed the kibble had varying sizes and colours in it, not the uniform bites we’re used to. To back track, my dog eats Rayne Clinical Nutrition low fat/novel protein dry food – KSP (made primarily of kangaroo and sweet potato) as she needs novel protein due to food allergies. We had always bought smaller bags, and the product in this larger bag seemed “off” due to the striking variety of colours (darker mixed in with normal) and sizes (larger mixed in with normal).