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You may have noticed that many of these toys are treat dispensers, and that is because Kokoro is a real food fiend! We’ll still be on the lookout for more tricky dog puzzles so let us know if you have had success with any 🙂 Until then, keep your pups happy and satisfied with plenty of belly rubs and challenging games.

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Dogs are avid problem solvers, but their favorite games are things like hide-and-seek: simple for us, but fun and challenging for them! Their sense of smell is so much better than their vision - dog’s truly see the world with their noses. Our dog puzzle toys and puzzle feeders are designed with this in mind - we make great products for dogs, and their snuffly, foraging, problem-solving mind!

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All dog puzzle games & toys- these things are the best for high energy dogs that need something to do Nina Ottosson has been designing and making fun puzzle toys and games, as well as perfect boredom busters for both dogs and cats for years. She has been doing this since 1990 so it’s fair to say that here experience is unsurpassed. Her range of games is designed to stimulate pets’ brains while reinforcing their relationships with people. They come in all ranges of difficulties, thus ensuring that all dogs, regardless of age or experience level, are satisfied. She designs and develops all the products for her Sweden based company known as Zoo Active Products AB.

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Well there you have it, our list of best dog puzzle toys and dog games based on our first-hand experience and that of our close friends. Any others we are missing that should be on the list?

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There are a number of brain games and puzzle toys on the market. Many are marketed to dogs, but in reality cats like a lot of these games as well. With some games, you can make your dog work for his or her dinner. Others bring out a sense of fun or excitement as your dog discovers hidden treats.BUY Seek-A-Treat on Amazon:
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Finding toys to keep your dog occupied while you are away, doing work from home or when your watching your favorite show can be challenging.

Thankfully, many dog toy companies have created various puzzles to help keep your dog busy, while allowing the brain to stay working. Studies prove that low brain stimulus on a daily basis will age your dog faster. You can combat that my a simple brain buster.

In this video, I review Seek-A-Treat, one of the best dog puzzle toys. This dog treat puzzle keeps your dog on the adventurous path to finding their treat. They're easy for the dog, but also keeps them thinking about the best way to get their treat.

If you're interested in dog puzzle games, Seek-A-Treat is definitely something you want to try. It's cheap & effective. What more could you ask for!

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